How to ground tree

How to ground tree

Primer in combination with other methods of processing allows wood to gain resistance to damages and to prolong the term of its service and storage. In addition priming gives to wooden products and designs decorative look.

It is required to you

  • - Primer for tree;
  • - metal brush;
  • - fine-grained abrasive paper;
  • - brush


1. Clean the surface of wood and dry up. Make sure of lack on it of mold, decay and fungi. Consider that the humidity of tree should not be more than 20%. For cleaning of surface use (depending on type of pollution) brushes, cleansers or white spirit. If the tree is covered with poorly keeping paint, remove it metal brush or scraper.

2. Sites where old paint keeps densely, degrease also to zashkurita. It will allow new covering to lay down exactly and strongly. It is also possible to use the chemical means which are specially intended for this purpose for removal of paint. At the initial stage it is important to avoid such methods of cleaning as grit blasting as it can damage wood.

3. The priming structure has to dry quickly, be ground and not be dissolved well paints and varnishes. Primers are natural drying oil, shellac and light nitrocellulose varnishes. Have well proved nitrocarbamide primers and nitroprimers, for example, painting. And also priming emulsions. Under enamel and oil paints ground surface natural drying oil or glue solution (office glue, liquid glass). You apply primer with brush in cold state.

4. Having made sure that the surface has completely dried out, it is possible to start directly priming. To provide the maximum protective effect, process the cleaned from old paint or new surface two layers of primer on tree. You cause priming structure, with effort rubbing it in surface. You carry out by flat brush in the same place several times.

5. When the first layer dries, slightly smooth out it fine-grained abrasive paper and put the second layer of primer. Later couple of days to progruntuyta wood again, having removed surplus grinding. At the same time move abrasive paper only along wood fibers.

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