How to grow up alissum

How to grow up alissum

Flowers always decorate our interior — garden, kitchen garden, the seasonal dacha or balcony. The people who are engaged in flowers know firsthand as difficultly sometimes to grow up some plants — some thermophilic, others love water. But there are unpretentious plants which are easy for growing up under any conditions. One of such is alissum.


1. Except wonderful blossoming, it has pleasant honey aroma. It can also be grown up at itself on the balcony or on the seasonal dacha. It is necessary to sow seeds of alissum not to the earth, and on its surface as light is necessary for seeds for germination. Since the end of April until the beginning of May — the most suitable time for landing of this plant, and at once in soil.

2. House conditions for it do not approach, alissum photophilous and thermophilic plant though can grow also in rather cool conditions.

3. It is necessary to look after sprouts very diligently. It is important to know that for emergence of new buds and in order that the flower grew quicker, it is necessary to cut it, since the first blossoming. That your bed with alissumy looked beautifully, after vskhod of sprouts it is better to transplant them from each other on distance of 15-20 cm. The benefit change maintains this plant well.

4. Long-term alissum, as well as other long-term flowers, it is possible to put also towards the winter, in the first year it will not blossom at full capacity. Thus, long-term alissum will blossom right after snow descends when to appear more sun and heat. In the Caucasus and in Europe alissum grows at wild young growths, decorating landscape with the medium-sized, but beautiful blossoming which reminds colourful carpet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team