How to grow up amaranths from seeds

How to grow up amaranths from seeds

The amaranth is recommended to place on the background of flower bed or to land groups, it will emphasize decorative features of its inflorescences and will allow to hide stakes which tie up adult plants.


1. In northern areas the amaranth is planted seedling, otherwise he does not manage to grow up before the onset of cold weather. In favorable conditions this plant reaches height of one and a half meters, but at first grows slowly. The optimum sowing time of seeds of amaranth for zone of Non-Black Earth Region — the middle of March.

2. For seedling the seeds sow up to 1.5 cm on depth. The recommended temperature for receiving shoots — from +19 to +21 °C. At the same time it is very important to save seedling from overcooling. If you place it at window, it is necessary to protect plant roots from cold. Seedlings need good lighting, plants should not shade each other therefore they are thinned out, deleting the weakened copies. When on them there are 1-2 present sheets, seedlings dive in pots of 6 by 6 cm in size.

3. Recommend to process seedling bioregulators, for example, epiny or immunotsitofity. With their help it is possible to increase stability of plant to adverse conditions. Considering the slow growth of seedling, it is desirable to limit fertilizing.

4. It is the best of all to prepare the site for jumping of amaranth since fall — to dig over the earth and to introduce fertilizers. For this purpose use phosphoric and potash fertilizers and also humus at the rate of 5 kg on 1 sq.m. The optimum scheme of landing — 40 by 70 cm. Plants can be planted to the open ground only after the threat of late frosts disappears.

5. If you have decided to plant amaranth seeds to the open ground, recommend to do it at temperature of soil of +6 °C. Seeds place on depth about 45 cm, such method of landing will save from need to dig over beds as growth of plant advances growth of weeds.

6. At later crops of seeds it is necessary to weed carefully weeds and it is good to humidify the soil. Seeds of amaranth sow row-spacings 45 cm, maintaining distance from each other about 7-10 cm. If to violate this rule, the amaranth will grow small. Before crops recommend to mix plant seeds with sawdust in proportion 1:20.

7. Soil needs to be leveled before crops and also after it. Previously to the soil introduce fertilizers. On 100 sq.m use 1.5-1.6 kg of nitrogen fertilizers, 1.5-1.7 potash, 0.5 t of humus or 4 kg of nitroammofoska.

8. In 8-10 days after crops the first shoots appear. The upper part of amaranth develops slowly when it reaches 20 cm, to the soil pour fertilizers, for this purpose it is possible to use 2 kg of nitroammofoska on 100 sq.m. Fertilizing is done before watering or before loss of precipitation. Approximately in 100 days from the moment of landing the plant completely will ripen.

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