How to grow up apricot

How to grow up apricot

Apricots in the garden - not fantasy, but reality even if you live in midland of Russia. Very important when landing apricot correctly to pick up grade of stock or stones, success of cultivation and productivity will depend on it in many respects.

  • - apricot stone;
  • - apricot sapling;
  • - stock;
  • - solar place in garden;
  • - shovel;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - water.

1. That to grow up apricot from stone, try to find stones of local apricot trees, for them chances of survival are much higher, than at the southern fruits. Anyway put at once many stones that has sprouted at least a little.

2. Land stones since the beginning of July prior to the beginning of November. Consider that at disembarkation on the street most of them, most likely, will carry away proteins, mice, gophers and other rodents therefore it is the best of all to put late fall, before freezing of the earth.

3. A month before landing get seeds and wet in soft water for three days. Change water every day. Place stones in sawdust or damp sand, put to the cool place. As soon as weather allows, seed them in the field.

4. Choose the place for landing of apricot tree. It has to be the solar space protected from northern and western winds by trees or buildings. In the spring or fill on this place 30-50 kg of humus, 0.2-1 kg of superphosphate, 2 kg of ashes, 200-300 g of sulfate of potassium in the fall.

5. Before landing make the hill with a diameter about 2 meters and 0.5 meters high in order that roots did not podprevat. Do the hill of normal prime quality land, but if you have clay soils, add beaten brick and sand.

6. If plants grow in your garden very densely, try to put apricot in box or barrel without bottom (the box size not less than 1 sq.m).

7. If you have opportunity to grow up apricot by means of inoculation, surely use it. As stock you can use plum, sloe, wild Manchurian apricot.

8. Do inoculation at the end of April or May (the sokodvizheniye has not begun yet). Choose dry windless day and fix scion in rasshchep and side section (thickness of stock is thicker than scion) or the improved kopulirovka (thickness is identical). Put on polyethylene cover which remove at once inoculation as you will see the formed leaf.

9. Do not forget to water apricot tree, to make cutting, to introduce fertilizers. In several years it will please you with rich harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team