How to grow up Arkady's grapes it is correct

How to grow up Arkady's grapes it is correct

Frost-resistant grades of grapes are very popular with summer residents. Such versions should be chosen to gardeners for cultivation in the Midland, in the Urals and in Siberia. One of the most fruitful, resistant grades to cold is Arkady. Grapes are rather unpretentious. However it is necessary to grow up it, of course, correctly.

This grade belongs to group of light dining rooms early ripening. It has been removed by the Odessa selectors of IViV of Tairov in Soviet period. For receiving this grade the experts used grapes the Cardinal and Moldova.

Arkady's grapes: general description

Fruits of both parental forms of this grade have dark coloring. Berries at the grapes of Arkady, oddly enough, light. They have the sizes rather big - 10-15 grams. Pulp at fruits fleshy and juicy. Thin skin at them dense. However it has no negative impact on tastes of grapes. Color fruits of this grade have amber. Many summer residents consider berries of these grapes the most sweet of all versions existing today.

Clusters at Arkady have average density. At good leaving the weight can reach them from 600 grams to 2 kg. Bushes of these grapes differ in the high force of growth. Brushes on them are always tied much. And the rod tries "to extend" during the season them all. It a little negatively affects terms of maturing and the sizes of fruits. Therefore at cultivation of cluster of Arkady it is recommended to normalize. The productivity of these grapes is about 20-50 kg from one bush depending on age of the last. It is possible to collect fruits for 115-120 day after blooming of kidneys.

How to put

It is recommended to grow up Arkady's grapes from sapling. In this case fruits at grapes in the subsequent will be more tasty. The distance between saplings in garden is recommended to be maintained in 2 m. It is necessary to land these grapes on the most solar place. One of shortcomings of grade is that it considerably reduces productivity in shadow.

Actually landing is carried out by normal image. That is dig out hole of 60х60 cm, fill in it nutritious mix of the earth with humus. Further in hole establish sapling, powder it and water.

How to look after

Water grade of grapes of Arkady usually only before blossoming and at once after it. Later the soil under Arkady's grade is humidified only in case of drought. These grapes transfer fluctuations of soil moisture very badly.

Fertilize bushes of this grade usually only in the spring. For this purpose use phosphorus-potassium structures. After such fertilizing the bushes in addition mulch humus layer in 3 cm. The same procedure is repeated in the fall.

As it was already mentioned, the quantity of brushes on rods of this grade surely should be normalized. On one escape usually leave on one cluster. The krone of grapes of Arkady is formed on 3-4 sleeves. Cutting is made at the same time, leaving on each escape till 8-12 of eyes. On young bushes, thus, there have to be in total about 35 eyes. Old can stand also 50.

What can ache with

The grade of grapes of Arkady, unfortunately, is not too resistant to various diseases. In particular often this culture is infected with gray decay. In this case on leaves of plant brown spots with raid appear. On branches at the same time it is possible to notice symptoms of necrosis. Dead tissue also has brown shade. Of course, suffer at gray decay and cluster of grapes. Berries in brushes of the escapes infected with gray decay stop developing and begin to dry out gradually.

Yield losses at gray decay can be considerable. The disease is really serious. As to grow up Arkady's grapes and to avoid losses because of gray decay? For prevention of this disease it is recommended to use fungicides. Spraying any of these medicines is made twice during the season — before interlocking of brush and before the harvesting. Treatment is carried out according to the same scheme.

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