How to grow up asparagus haricot

How to grow up asparagus haricot

Asparagus haricot is tasty and useful vegetable culture. It represents bush from 20 to 50 cm high on which edible pods are formed. Haricot enriches the soil in which grows with nitrogen therefore after it on bed other plants well feel. It is simple to grow up haricot as it is quite unpretentious.


1. The best predecessors for asparagus haricots is cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes. Prepare bed under haricot since fall: introduce organic fertilizers (humus or compost) to the soil. Add mineral fertilizers (superphosphate, chloride potassium, urea) to the earth in the spring.

2. Kill Semyon for 20 minutes in strong solution of potassium permanganate, wash with water and seed in the grooves which are previously spilled by water, on depth of 4-6 cm of Distance between seeds has to make 60 cm, between grooves – 80 cm. It is possible to plant asparagus haricot only when the earth gets warm up to 15 degrees at depth of 10-12 cm. When there are shoots, put for them support sticks. It is also possible to grow up haricot together with corn or other natural support.

3. Regularly weed haricot from weeds, you loosen the soil in row-spacings, after emergence of the first ovaries it is abundant water. When on haricot buds are formed, feed up it mineral fertilizers and microelements. It is necessary to collect pods when seeds have not grown more yet, than wheat grains.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team