How to grow up asters

How to grow up asters

Aster – one of the most unpretentious and at the same time beautiful flowers. She is not afraid of cold weather, maintains adverse conditions, well transfers change and regenerates the damaged root system.

It is required to you

  • - seeds of asters;
  • - seedling boxes or greenhouse;
  • - film;
  • - humus;
  • - peat;
  • - bank sand;
  • - drainage;
  • - fungicide of complex action;
  • - garden stock.


1. Aster – ideal flower for cultivation by the beginning flower growers. Its seeds with ease ascend. They can be landed not only in pots on seedling, but also directly on bed. The main thing previously to fertilize the soil and it is correct to choose the place for landing. Asters do not need solar places. They best of all feel in half-shade, and in the open sun turn pale and lose decorative effect. The place for asters has to be protected from wind and dampness.

2. The way should be paved for asters since fall, having thoroughly dug over, having brought humus, bank sand, peat and having arranged drainage on bed. Mineral fertilizers are introduced in the spring before landing of seeds or planting of seedling. Superphosphate, potash salt and sulfate ammonium are necessary for asters. The acidity of the soil for asters has to be the closest to neutral.

3. For prevention of fusariosis you should not plant asters after nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes) or after flower cultures, such as carnation, gillyflower, gladioluses, tulips. It is the best of all to sow asters after marigold or marigold. Asters are grown up on one place up to six years. Then they need to be replaced to other place, and it is possible to return on former not earlier, than in four years.

4. If asters are grown up by seedling, at the end of March, previously having processed fungicide, their seeds sow in boxes or to the greenhouse. It is previously necessary to do superficial grooves in the soil. Crops depth – 1 cm. From above seeds are powdered with humus, pour down weak solution of potassium permanganate and are covered with film (in boxes if in the greenhouse – paper). Before emergence of sprouts temperature has to be maintained by +18 °C. Sprouts have to appear in 5-6 days. Paper can be discovered, and to exempt boxes from film and to take out on light. Before it seedling is watered. After forming of the real leaves seedling from box needs to be raspikirovat. In week it is time to begin weekly fertilizing with complex of mineral fertilizers. At the beginning of May of plant it is possible to land on bed.

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