How to grow up bamboo in the house

How to grow up bamboo in the house

The bamboo is the grassy plant having numerous symbolical values in east culture. In China it symbolizes longevity, in India – friendship, on Philippines the bamboo crosses are mascot of happiness. It is possible to grow up grass, beautiful and still exotic for our latitudes, and at home, on condition of observance of some rules necessary for the good growth of plant.


1. According to feng shui if to grow up bamboo in east part of the apartment or house, then it brings to his owners happiness, health and financial welfare, will promote inflow of positive energy of Qi, to support good mood and by that will provide longevity of all members of household. This plant and call "happiness bamboo".

2. Bamboo – plant quite unpretentious, but practically all its types need light, cool and good airing. Therefore arrange it in very light place. In the winter you contain bamboo in the cool place at temperature of 12-16C. And you take out it on the street in the summer: in garden or on balcony.

3. The bamboo is sympathetic on abundant watering because, as well as all herbs, he loves water. However the plant is susceptible not only to redrying, but also to overwetting. Water it regularly, and at the bottom of pot before landing arrange drainage. Your flower itself will prompt to you about lack of moisture. When it is not enough, its leaves are twisted. In the winter (during dormant period) reduce intensity of watering.

4. The bamboo praises on nitrogen fertilizers therefore regularly feed up it each 3 weeks.

5. Pick up the pot suitable by the size, proceeding from that there was space about five centimeters between roots and walls of container. As roots of plant grow almost horizontally, choose for it flat flat dish.

6. The plant does not need frequent replacing. Do it as soon as the pot becomes close for bamboo. Pass it in more spacious container and if you want to constrain its growth, then cut roots and put back in the same pot (previously having washed it and having processed potassium permanganate to avoid diseases and having added fresh soil). Though the plant and is not really exacting to the soil, and it is possible to choose normal soil for houseplants, but it is better to make pochvosmes most. Take two parts of loamy soil, one part cespitose and one part of humus or peat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team