How to grow up beautiful bush of peonies

How to grow up beautiful bush of peonies

It is possible to call cultivation of peonies in garden tradition of gardeners. These magnificent flowers decorate garden not only the magnificent multi-colored flowers, but also carved greens of leaves.

Peonies - some of the most favourite flowers of many gardeners. To grow up beautiful bush, it is necessary to follow some rules when landing and leaving. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the place of landing, of course. Peonies land on windless light sites. The shadow is not suitable for these plants at all as in such conditions they will not blossom. Do not love these plants of boggy soils. On them they will get damp and can die.

Before landing, it is desirable, to bring compost or humus in hole. Peonies love fertile soil, and here fresh manure cannot be brought, in it there can be causative agents of various diseases.

That the root system of peonies well developed, they are planted in landing hole which diameter has to be about 60 cm. Same do also hole depth. If plant several peonies nearby, then the distance between them is left by not less than 1 m that further plants did not interfere with each other.

In the spring of plant land before go to growth of kidney. Later spring landing can be not really successful, not all plants can take root. Landing works as fall carry out from the middle of August on September.

Care for peonies 

Care for peonies standard. The soil is loosened, without allowing to be formed by dry crust, water, and weeds delete. In the evening by means of garden sprayers it is possible to carry out extra root fertilizing, and here at the roots plants, in the first 2 years of life after landing, it is possible not to fertilize. Water peonies it is rather abundant. On leaves and flowers these plants cannot be watered, otherwise on them fungal diseases can develop.

That on peonies large flowers were formed, side buds delete, leaving only central. The plant will let all the forces to development of this bud. If the purpose it is worth achieving longer blossoming of bush, then it is necessary to remove the central bud, and not to touch all others. 

In garden the peonies perfectly look near such plants as sage dubravny, manzhetka ordinary, blue host, chistets. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team