How to grow up belladonna

How to grow up belladonna

The plant belladonna belongs to family the Nightshade family. It is grassy perennial which is grown up on medicinal raw materials. The name is translated from Italian as "the beautiful woman". In Russia this plant is known how belladonna.

It is required to you

  • - seeds or saplings of belladonna;
  • - site for cultivation;
  • - soil;
  • - diseases medicine;
  • - mineral fertilizers;
  • - garden stock.


1. In the first year of vegetation the plant forms core root, and in the subsequent – branchy rhizome. The radical neck forms kidneys from which grow new stalks in the spring. The belladonna can reach in height more than one and a half meters. At plant dark green leaves and brown-violet flowers which are located in sheet bosoms. In the fall fruits – violet-black mnogosemyanny berries ripen.

2. The plant loves light, heat, moisture and fertile soils. The vegetative period long – about five months – from crops of seeds before maturing of fruits. At the beginning of vegetation grows slowly. It is better to grow up belladonna on ignition sites, after grain or leguminous cultures. It is impossible to grow up it after nightshade family. After belladonna it is impossible to grow up cultures which are used in food or go on forage animal.

3. The belladonna is made multiple copies the seeds, seedling, one-year roots and saplings received from shanks and also division of old roots. In the main way is seed. Crops of seeds are made in the early spring as soon as the soil thaws and will get warm. Before landing the seeds stratify within two months at temperature of 0 … +2os. Then they are retted and couched within five days, having processed solution of gibberllin.

4. It is the best of all to sow belladonna ranks with distance of row-spacings of 70 centimeters. On heavy soils the seeds close up on depth of 1.5 centimeters, on lungs – 2-3. After crops of seeds the site is rolled. As soon as there are shoots, it is necessary to carry out scarification and to weed weeds. If air humidity and soils are lower than 70%, waterings are necessary for belladonna.

5. Landings of belladonna take the battering of wreckers, such as Colorado beetle, belladonny flea beetle, web tick, plant louse, fusariosis. With symptoms of diseases or stay on plants of wreckers it is necessary to carry out their processing by antifungal medicine and insecticides.

6. The first time raw materials of belladonna is removed when escapes grow on 15 centimeters and go in blossoming phase. Then plants mow in process of growth, up to three times during the season. After bevelling the belladonna is watered and feed up mineral fertilizers.

7. One plantation can be used for cultivation of belladonna of 5-6 years. Then landings need to be updated. In the course of elimination of plantation it is possible to collect not only stalks, leaves and flowers of plant. In the medicinal purposes also its roots are used. In the fall roots dig out, wash out, cut on part and dry up in the aired room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team