How to grow up black pepper

How to grow up black pepper

The homeland of black pepper is India. But today pepper is widespread and worldwide. That at your table there was always this spice, and dishes turned out fragrant, you can grow up it.

It is required to you

  • - pepper seeds (the bell pepper bought in grocery store will approach)
  • - pot for landing
  • - soil
  • - fertilizer
  • - water


1. Select peas, necessary for crops, it is possible not only in size. For this purpose it is enough to place seeds in the added some salt water, use peas which will emerge for crops. Wet large peas of black pepper in water. Leave in the warm place for germination.

2. Replace germinated seeds in pot (depth – not less than one centimeter). For landing it is better to use the soil mixed in equal shares from the cespitose earth, sand, humus. Planting seeds, it is necessary to observe temperature condition of air +25-+30 °C. Further it is necessary to adhere to these temperatures.

3. At the correct landing of seeds the first leaves will appear within one month, and with the advent of the second leaves the plant needs to be fertilized. It is recommended to use the bird's dung dissolved in water in the ratio 1:10 which should be insisted within two days. Fertilizer of the soil will add to seedling of nutrients, therefore, pepper will better grow.

4. Replace plant in pot of the bigger size when it grows up as big root systems are characteristic of pepper. Change the soil of plant at least once in two years. At appropriate care length of plant can reach two and more meters.

5. Reap the first crop after six – eight months from the moment of the first blossoming. Pepper has to be green color. It should be boiled and dried up in the sun, will not become black yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team