How to grow up blackberry at the dacha

How to grow up blackberry at the dacha

It is considered that blackberry – the most dangerous berry in respect of collecting. It is almost impossible to rob bush not to scratch all hands. Therefore many people prefer not to plant at themselves at the dacha this most tasty berry. And in vain, there is now set of grades which have no thorns. However it is necessary to know how it is correct to grow up blackberry.


1. Choose the place for landing. Blackberry loves fertile soil and abundance of the sun, but categorically does not transfer strong winds.

2. It is better than all to put blackberry in the spring. For landing choose healthy, strong saplings. It is better to buy from the checked people as quite often sell normal raspberry under the guise of this berry, overstating the price several times. Saplings have to look accurately, they should have no changes and cracks.

3. Under each sapling dig out small, but deep pole. The distance between them has to be not less than 2 meters. Add fertilizer: half of liter of wood ashes, half-bucket of manure and 100 grams of superphosphate. During landing time you watch that the soil was damp.

4. After the end of landing it is necessary to pritoptat the earth and to accurately make watering. From above slightly powder with peat or humus. Then it is necessary to cut off stalk. By means of secateurs make this procedure so that on bush there were only 2-3 kidneys.

5. It is necessary to look after blackberry correctly. At distance of 15-20 centimeters from bush hammer peg and tie up to it sapling. Do not forget to water plant constantly. At the standard weather duty blackberry has enough two buckets a week. Besides every year it is necessary to feed up berry. On one bush about 7 buckets of manure and 50 grams of ammonium nitrate are necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team