How to grow up bonsais from ficus

How to grow up bonsais from ficus

The tradition of cultivation garden bonsais has centuries-old history. Today's day in the culture of forming of plants in this style the new direction – cultivation on technology bonsai of houseplants has appeared.


1. Choose ficus which you want to grow up as bonsai. It should be noted that some species of this plant are suitable for these purposes therefore not to be mistaken, you can stop the choice on Benjamin's ficus. If it at you already grows at home, break off several shanks about 12 cm high from plant and put them in water. When there are root kidneys, shanks need to be landed next to each other in flat pot. Soil at the same time you can use normal.

2. Ficus sprouts have to grow together over time. Therefore as plants grow, at discretion bind their branches. You should not be afraid that they will break as the young ficus has enviable flexibility. That the interlacing did not break up, in the first weeks it will be necessary to fix them by wire. At the same time to reduce damages of plant, after interlacing wrap trunk in dense fabric but only then fix by wire. It is also worth noting that using wire, it is possible not only to promote forming of trunk bonsai, but also to give it any bends.

3. One of distinctive features bonsai – its roots which tower above the ground. To reach such effect, wait when the root system of ficuses becomes stronger, and after that gradually remove top layer of soil, baring at the same time roots. To give to root the desirable form, under it it is possible to enclose decorative stone or to use wire.

4. When the trunk bonsai grows to necessary height, it is necessary to prishchepit its top. Besides, you will also need to create krone bonsai. Looking at traditional bonsais, it is possible to notice that most often their krone consists of several branches which have inclined or horizontal arrangement. Forming bonsai, leave 2-3 main branches on trunk and give them the direction, having used wire. That these branches had accurate outlines, proryadit their foliage, and near the bases regularly delete new leaves and escapes.

5. That the bonsai had complete appearance, cover the soil with moss or gravel it, sand. Also you can add composition with the figure executed in east style.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team