How to grow up butterflies

How to grow up butterflies

Beginners collectors chase with net butterflies, skilled – grow up fresh flowers of the house. You are afraid that at you it will not turn out? Meanwhile, the majority of species of butterflies can quite be born in your house.


1. For a start eggs of butterfly are necessary. For the skilled person it is simple to find eggs of butterfly, they usually are on inside of leaves. To bring to the house of egg of necessary butterfly it is necessary to know her way of life, habits and many other things. Small transparent boxes will be suitable for storage of eggs. If boxes are big, then eggs of butterfly can dry. Are stored in this box of egg before emergence of caterpillars.

2. It is possible to try to force adult butterfly to lay eggs in container. For this purpose it is necessary to put adult butterfly in the ventilated container, aquarium or to bank with fodder plant. For moth the fodder plant is not required.

3. As soon as there are caterpillars, they need to be replaced in container with fodder plant. The container is covered by soft paper. There it is necessary to enclose fresh leaflets constantly. Caterpillars do not need air vents yet.

4. There now, caterpillars have grown up. Now we replace them in the spacious aired cage. The cage is protected from direct beams of the sun. If in cage there are too many caterpillars, they can injure each other. It is necessary to look after caterpillars: to change leaves, to remove dung.

5. When time to caterpillars comes to pupate, their behavior will change a little: they will cease to eat and creep on container. If you expect appearance of day butterflies, vertically standing branches are necessary, moths need the earth. Now it is necessary just to wait for emergence of small miracle. The appeared butterflies will please you and your relatives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team