How to grow up callas

How to grow up callas

Cultivation of calla, grassy perennial plant with huge arrow-shaped leaves and long monumental peduncle, does not differ in big complexity. But process will give joy only if flowers normally grow and will be dismissed.

It is required to you

  • - tubers of flowers
  • - earth and drainage
  • - flowerpots
  • - potassium permanganate


1. In the garden center or flower shop buy tubers. Attentively check that they were healthy, had no damages and other defects seen or defined to the touch.

2. Buy the land and drainage, stock up with flowerpots. Choose not really big pots to grow up callas because bulbous tubers have to "feel" in them a little tightly, otherwise the plant will spend all forces for development of root system.

3. Take tubers about three hours in light solution of potassium permanganate to protect future plant from rotting and wreckers.

4. Lay drainage on pot bottom, then fill earth layer, make hole no more than 10 cm, spill it water, put bulb and powder with the earth. Once again spill landing by water, cover with plastic bag and put on windowsill.

5. You keep flowers under film before emergence of shoots. Heat and humidity so remain well therefore to grow up callas it is not necessary to water them excessively, without provoking rotting of tuber.

6. When there is sprout, exempt it from film and place in the lightest place of windowsill. At lack of natural lighting – fall, winter, spring – in addition light in the evening several hours with the daylight lamp, reducing artificial lighting in process of increase in daylight hours.

7. Periodically turn pot that the plant has not taken the curved form. It is possible to feed up special fertilizing for bulbous. Three months later after landing the calla will blossom.

8. After the end of blossoming which continues 3-4 months cut off flower and wait until leaves dry up. Stop to water tuber, take carefully it from the earth when the soil completely dries up. Put tuber in sawdust and leave in cool darkness.

9. 4 months later the calla tuber is ready to landing again again to please people with the blossoming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team