How to grow up camomile pharmaceutical

How to grow up camomile pharmaceutical

The camomile pharmaceutical is the most valuable medical plant which has positive effect on all human body. Therefore it makes sense to add camomile pharmaceutical to the medical kitchen garden on the seasonal dacha.

The camomile pharmaceutical is annual plant. To grow up it from seeds and to prepare curative inflorescences possibly for 60... 70 days.

How to seed pharmaceutical camomile in soil

Seeds sow towards the winter, in the early spring and through seedling. The best temperature for shoots of camomile are 15...20 wasps, though at + seeds begin to sprout 6...7 wasps. At camomile the seeds very small, are sprouted by them on light therefore it is necessary to sow them on the surface of the way paved in advance. For shoots of seedlings indispensable condition is availability of moisture in surface layer of the earth. Crops is carried out on well humidified earth and covered with nonwoven fabric.

The site for camomile is allocated on the solar place.

The soil should not contain weed plants, otherwise they ""will hammer"" camomile shoots. It is necessary to consider also the fact that the camomile gives excellent self-sowing. And here it is necessary to allocate separate piece of the earth that it did not ""get"" underfoot under cultivation of medical raw materials.

Cultivation of seedling

Camomile seeds undergo natural stratification in the nature cold in winter time. In house conditions the similar procedure can be carried out in the fridge, having put bags of camomile on 2... 3 months. In the spring they sow superficially in capacity with the humidified earth and expose on light. Shoots begin to appear week later at the room temperature.

Camomile seedling frigostable, the main thing not to fill in seedlings at the beginning.

Why seeds do not ascend

Often it happens that crops towards the winter or do not give shoots in the early spring. The reasons are different. Generally it is natural conditions (podmokany soils and perishing of seeds, siccation from the sun of the top soil layer of the earth, the high force of the competition of weeds, etc.). Not high viability of collected seeds of 50...60% (in the first year) though at storage further the viability increases a little. Small quantity of seeds in bags. On 1 sq.m 1 g of seeds is required.

The camomile pharmaceutical - plant durable and does not require special care. If at once to sow seeds in the fertilized nutritious soil, then and it is not necessary to feed up it. Our task is to grow up eco-friendly medical raw materials. In very droughty weather it is possible to be limited to watering of medical plantation only.

As it is correct to harvest medical raw materials

Prepare exclusively camomile flowers, though all parts of plants are medical too. Allocate three phases of behavior of flowers of camomile. The first when white lobes look up - time has not come to collect them yet. If white lobes were located strictly horizontally - it is time to start preparation.

The third phase when white lobes have fallen down, says that flowers have become overripe and will begin to pour seeds on the earth.

Camomile flowers prepare in dry weather, dry in shadow and store in paper bags or boxes. Storage life of medical raw materials 1 year.

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