How to grow up camomiles

How to grow up camomiles

Camomile – perennial plant of family thistle family. This plant species in May-June blossoms, completely flowers ripen closer by July. The camomile is used often as herb. Make various medicines of leaves and stalks. The camomile mainly grows in mountain areas, on solar, stony and limy slopes at the height of 500-1500 meters above sea level.


1. Conditions for landing. The camomile is placed on ignition or on flat sites with deep groundwater occurrance. This plant species for 7-8 years on the same place grows, however the most productive period comes at the age of 3-5 years. The camomile well grows on fertile chernozems and on soils with good structure. If soil sandy, low-lying and heavy, camomile grows badly.

2. Preparation of the soil. Soil for landing of camomile begins to be prepared in the early spring. Before crops it is harrowed and cultivated.

3. Fertilizers. The main fertilizer for camomile – manure with addition of mineral fertilizers. Substrate for care for this species of plant can be bought in specialized shops.

4. Leaving. Basic care behind camomile consists in regular loosening of ranks and row-spacings. Also you should not forget about weeding. During the summer period it is enough to make 4-5 times weeding of beds.

5. Reproduction. The camomile by mainly seed method breeds. Before disembarkation, seeds soak in water within 5-7 hours at the room temperature. Seeds of camomile land on depth of 1.5-2 cm. Usually landing of seeds happens during the spring period.

6. Watering. The camomile - not so whimsical plant, it with ease transfers both drought, and humid climate. However the excess of moisture for this plant species is not recommended.

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