How to grow up Cannes in flower bed and at home

How to grow up Cannes in flower bed and at home

Cannes - effective plant with powerful foliage and beautiful flowers. It can become as the real decoration of your flower bed, and to take the worthy place among window plants. Cannes is unpretentious, very quickly grows and differs in long blossoming.

It is required to you

  • - rhizomes of Cannes
  • - forcing boxes
  • - soil
  • - boxes
  • - shovel
  • - drainage
  • - fertilizers
  • - support
  • - watering can
  • - secateurs


1. At the beginning of March get rhizomes of Cannes from the basement for growing. If necessary separate them, cut off dry roots and seat in boxes or pots. Before emergence of leaves water moderately, with expansion of the first couple of leaflets the watering can be increased. In April transfer forcing boxes with Cannes to the greenhouse.

2. To the open ground land Cannes when the threat of returnable frosts passes. Cannes prefers to grow on the solar, protected from wind place. In case of need they can be tied up to support.

3. There are several options of landing of Cannes. The first option: on bottom of deep hole (50-60 cm) we spread manure layer of 10-15 cm, from above we cover with earth - 20 cm and we stack drainage. We place in hole of rhizome of Cannes, it is abundant it is watered and we powder to pochvosmesye from the garden earth and bank sand. The way is called ""landing to warm pillow"" - plants very actively grow and during the season do not need additional fertilizer.

4. The second way of landing: in the prepared hole of 30 cm in depth, fill drainage and spread out rhizomes of Cannes, water and powder with the earth. In 10 days feed up Cannes mullein infusion; during budding - infusion of grass or complex mineral fertilizer and in the middle of August - ashes infusion.

5. Watering is carried out at the roots once in 3-5 days, on condition of lack of rains. Periodically you loosen the earth, delete deflowered buds. In August to okuchta to Cannes to preserve root neck of plant from freezing.

6. In the fall, after frosts when leaves whither, dig out Cannes and cut off stalks at the height of 15 cm from the level of root neck; with preservation of earth lump, place rhizomes in boxes or boxes. You store in the dark cool room at temperature of 5-7 °C.

7. At cultivation Cannes in dormant period it does not need house conditions. For landing choose volume pots, t. to root system at Cannes very powerful. Lay drainage on bottom of pot, from above fill pochvosmes from the garden earth, humus and coarse bank sand. Place rhizome in pot, water and powder with the earth.

8. Care for Cana in house conditions consists in watering and fertilizing. Carry out watering abundant every three days. Feed up every two months complex mineral fertilizer. If necessary you divide expanding to Cannes in the spring.

9. In the summer house Cannes can force in pot out into the street or to replace to the open ground - do not forget to bring home to frosts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team