How to grow up cedar from nut

How to grow up cedar from nut

Pine nuts incredibly tasty and useful, are on sale they in many grocery stores and at the attractive price. But if you have desire to grow up cedar on personal plot, start its execution.


1. Buy large pine nuts, it is desirable in forest area. That cedars in the future were well pollinated and yielded big harvest, it is recommended to take nuts from different trees, and it is even better - from the different woods. If you want to plant seeds which have bought in grocery store, they can not sprout as quite often producers dry in special furnaces or roast them.

2. Wet pine nuts in warm water for 3 days. Then merge liquid and place seeds in weak solution of potassium permanganate for 2 days to kill mouldy mushrooms and other microorganisms which can ruin young shoots.

3. While seeds are retted, prepare bed. Bring a little needles in the soil as much as possible to bring closer soil to environment. It is the best of all to carry out landing of cedars in the fall when on the street above-zero temperature still keeps – at the end of September or at the beginning of October.

4. Plant cedar seeds on depth about 2 centimeters, but is not deeper, otherwise they can not ascend. From above powder with needles or shell from pine nuts. The distance between plants has to be 20 cm. In process of growth you should seat them.

5. In the early spring you will notice shoots. Try to protect them from direct sunshine, having left a little grass around landings. But you watch also that weeds have not ruined still weak cedars.

6. In year seat the grown-up plants. The distance between trees has to make 2.5-3 meters. That cedars have well taken root, water them every other day.

7. Fertilize plants 2 times a year. Over the soil spread fallen leaves from trees, needles, shell from nuts. Water cedars with infusion of mushrooms in the fall. Take honey agarics, chanterelles, champignons or other edible fungi and fill in them with water in the ratio 1:7. Insist day, after that filter. It is not necessary to introduce other fertilizers. Conditions of cultivation have to coincide with natural as much as possible.

8. On average cedars grow 3 years prior to fructification. Nuts vyspevat time in 1.5 years late fall. Therefore you should wait, so far you will be able to try independently grown up nuts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team