How to grow up cedar from nutlets

How to grow up cedar from nutlets

Cultivation of sapling of cedar from nutlet – occupation difficult and labor-consuming. Seeds of cedar cone need preliminary preparation for prorashchivaniye, and young saplings – creation of certain conditions for their favorable growth.

At cultivation of cedar from nutlet it is worth being adjusted on the fact that each stage of this process will demand thoughtful and thorough approach: from the moment of collecting cedar cones before providing to sapling of optimal conditions of development.

Preparation for prorashchivaniye

For providing the seeds of cedar of good viability need to collect only well ripened cones which do not have traces of mechanical damage, mold and musty smell in the fall. The seeds chosen from cone carefully wash out in hot water for removal of pitch. After that nutlets stratify: ret in clear cold water for three days that creates them the conditions which are brought most closer to natural.

During stratification process, water is changed once a day, deleting the low-quality or empty seeds which have emerged on its surface. After three days, pine nuts mix with damp clean sand or peat, stack in wooden box with air vents and place in the dark cool place before spring. Periodically sand is moistened and check seeds regarding emergence of mold.

Jumping and prorashchivaniye of seeds

The stratified pine nuts land in March beginning of April in pots for seedling with the prepared soil mix. The most suitable soil is the natural forest earth; as its substitute it is possible to buy in specialized shops soil for coniferous plants. Depth of seal of nutlets should not exceed 2 cm, the surface of the soil needs to be covered with thin layer of sawdust or needles. Pots with seeds place in slightly darkened place, preserving them against hit of direct sunshine. The best temperature for germination of saplings – 18-20 degrees. Germination of seeds begins 2-3 months later after landing. In warm season the young sprouts take out in garden, protecting them from sunshine and drying. 2-3 years later the strengthened and tempered plants can be planted to the open ground.

Prorashchivaniye on bed

The stratified seeds of cedar can be planted also without preliminary cultivation in container for seedling. For bed it is necessary to pick up the site with the easy soil which is not allowing stagnation of water. Nutlets put on depth of 1.5-2 cm, the sharp end down, with small distance from each other – about 2-3 cm. The appeared sprouts need to be covered slightly with branches to protect from birds for whom the young cedar is delicacy. Besides, the plant badly transfers direct sunshine and therefore in the first years of growth needs obligatory shadowing. Replace young trees to the constant place after achievement of three-year age by them. Replace cedars together with earth lump, carefully preserving root system against damages. Add sawdust, peat or sheet humus in case of the dry, poor soil to landing hole. The surface of hole is mulched grass, needles or moss. For the best survival of cedar it is recommended to water sapling with old mushrooms infusion.

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