How to grow up celery

How to grow up celery

Cultivation of celery – process simple. You need to know what operations and when to carry out. Then escapes will grow healthy and big. Pay attention to number of factors at cultivation of celery, and then it will be easier for you to look after plant.


1. So, buy at first good high-quality seeds. Begin to grow up seedling in February-March in the sowing boxes filled with nutritious mix (two parts of humus and two parts of the cespitose earth). Before crops keep seeds in warm water day, time at 5-6 o'clock changing water then couch them between two layers of damp fabric.

2. Plant seeds in soil not too closely and not too deeply (there will quite be enough 3-5 mm). Cover boxes with film and you keep them on light and in heat. In 2-3 weeks, shoots will appear. Gradually reduce temperature and expose boxes to the place with sufficient lighting to exclude pulling of shoots. When on each plant there are about 2-3 leaflets, thin out seedling on 3 cm or raspikiruyta in pots.

3. In week (at most) before disembarkation temper seedling, having exposed it in half-shade on the open area. Move seedling on light later. Seedling can be planted early because it is capable to maintain temperature to - 9 wasps. In the same time the fall of temperature below +10os for long time can cause formation of peduncles in the first year of life of plant. The most comfortable temperature for celery – from 18 to 22 wasps.

4. In order that the celery has given good root crops, it is necessary to look after it correctly. You carry out regular waterings, loosening and weeding. After your seedling takes root, feed up it the mullein diluted with water (1: 10) or bird's dung (1:20). Also complex fertilizers will approach. Such fertilizing it is also necessary to carry out every two weeks when seedling already manages to take root. Closer to the early autumn delete the lower leaves for the best forming of root crop.

5. Remove celery in the fall, having stretched as long as possible to time, but also not having chilled root crops. Cut off leaves to length of 2-3 cm on the plants put on storages.

6. The nutrients which are contained in celery root crops will allow you to receive huge amount of vitamin greens during off-season. Prepare small root crops (60-100 gr.) to landing even during cleaning, having cut off them to length of 2-3 cm and having left growth points. Such root crops it is possible to land houses in boxes about 12-15 cm high to the soil flavored with damp nutritious mix at all seasons of the year (the cespitose earth and humus in the ratio 1:1).

7. Do not fill up at the same time top of root crops. Water plants it is rare and abundant in process of almost full drying of the soil. Cut off greens as required, trying not to spoil top point. It is possible to cut off two times, feeding up after that plant ammonium nitrate or urea in calculation 3-4 gr. on water liter. For the third time remove together with greens and root crops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team