How to grow up chestnut from fruit

How to grow up chestnut from fruit

From early spring to late fall the chestnut is beautiful. The magnificent krone, spreading palchaty leaves, flowers decorating trees with fluffy candles, fruits – at first in the form of green prickly hedgehogs, and then – the big dark seeds (which are usually called nuts) – all this in the natural train charms, surprises, pleases. Today growth of this, in fact, thermophilic plant has progressed closer to the North, in the territory, before forbidden for it. Presently the horse chestnut can be met in gardens and parks of midland of Russia and much to the north. It is possible to grow up it on the personal plot or directly at entrance of home from fruit.


1. Collect in the fall chestnut fruits which usually fall from tree in process of maturing.

2. For higher guarantee of viability and further endurance of plant carry out the procedure of stratification. For this purpose place chestnut fruits on humid cold environment. For example, in container pour them coarse bank sand and put on the lower shelf of the fridge or to the cold basement for about 10 days. This option of preparation of seeds is good if you have decided to seed them in the fall.

3. If you have decided to sow chestnut seeds in the spring, then after winter storage in house conditions (it is desirable in the basement or on the top shelf of the fridge) place them not in cold, and on warm Wednesday. For this purpose fill in the fruits prepared for landing, in warm water for 5 days (periodically change water in process of cooling). Thus, the cover of nut will be softened and the germ will bulk up.

4. Land the processed fruits on the place chosen by you on depth of 2-3 cm (not more deeply than three diameters of fruit). The seeds seeded in the fall usually ascend to one and a half-two weeks earlier, than at crops in the spring. But at spring crops the tree will better become stronger and "will be prepared" for cold weather.

5. We accept also such way of landing of chestnut: collect fruits late fall when they under natural conditions undergo the procedure of stratification, and after New Year put in normal flowerpot and water as you water the house window plants. Replace sprout to the constant place in the spring, continuing to water it at first regularly. Do not forget to make around it, for the present such small, protection. At change you can cut direct core root, it will create the strong compact root system of future tree, it will be strong and hardy.

6. One more way (absolutely simple) consists in the following: find chestnut tree in the fall and dig foliage the fruits attacking from it. In the spring right after snow descends, dig out deciduous heap and look – part of fruits surely has to sprout, you will see on them thick backs. Collect so much how many it is necessary to you, and sow where you want, without deepening strongly to the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team