How to grow up chicory

How to grow up chicory

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Chicory is surprising plant. Its young escapes can be used for suppression, do one of the best substitutes of coffee of roots, and at winter distillation receive small dense kochanchik. Salad chicory is actively applied in European cuisine.

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1. Proizvestkuyte the earth if its acidity is more than neutral. Neutral or alkaline soils do not need lime application. Bring since fall 5-8 kg of fresh manure on each square meter of ridge. At autumn lime application the simultaneous introduction of manure is undesirable, in this case it is reasonable to refuse it in favor of spring mixing of the soil with compost. Surely add double superphosphate. All root plants are sympathetic on phosphatic fertilizers.

2. Make good drainage layer if you gather to grow up chicory on heavy clay soils. Stagnation of water is pernicious for its roots. Does not love plant and droughts. At insufficient waterings the roots are bent, growing small and fibrous. Draw grooves at distance of 20 cm from each other. Sow seeds. Powder them with the earth very little and water room temperature, having put on the breaker plate watering can. If irrigation water too cold, it can reduce soil temperature, seeds will sprout more slowly.

3. Weed shoots at stage of cotyledonous leaves. Chicory grows not really quickly, such weeds as wood louse, goutweed, sow-thistle can muffle it. Weeding, you are not lazy to pull out weeds with root, subsequently it will save you from need of frequent repeated weedings. When chicory grows to 4-5 cm, thin out it, leaving in plant groove at distance 10-15 cm from each other. Thickened landings will not allow to grow to rhizomes of worthy consumer qualities.

4. Reap crop before steady autumn frosts. Chop off leaves, and rhizomes, washout and having cut, dry up on baking sheet in oven. When cool down, grind them in the coffee grinder – the invigorating drink of pleasant taste for breakfast or lunch is guaranteed.

5. Use roots of chicory and for distillation of salad kochanchik. For this purpose shake off roots with the small "stumps" forming growth point the earth, dry in shadow a little, put in boxes with sand and remove to the cool place, for example, cellar. In several months prepare boxes with the earth (enough layer of 30-40 cm). Water. Land in them chicory rhizomes in "the bridge way", densely placing the friend near the friend. Place boxes in the dark place – cellar or the storeroom if it is about the city apartment. In two weeks the roots will give dense white heads of cabbage the size near 1o-15 see. From them magnificent salad turns out.

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