How to grow up chrysanthemum from bouquet

How to grow up chrysanthemum from bouquet

There is huge set of types and coloring of chrysanthemums. This beautiful ornamental plant which is well breeding and not demanding special conditions for cultivation in garden or on windowsill. At the correct leaving the bright harmonious inflorescences and saturated greens will be pleasing to the eye for a long time.


1. Prepare shank. For this purpose remove flowers and leaves from branch, you prishchipnit top. Leave shank in water until the chrysanthemum does not take root.

2. Choose the place in garden or prepare capacity for jumping of chrysanthemum in house conditions. These flowers love heat and light, however they should be preserved against direct sunshine. Use big tanks with a diameter of 25-30 cm with openings for drain of excess water. On open areas choose windless places with good drainage system to avoid rotting of roots.

3. Pave the way. Substrate for landing has to be neutral or subacidic. For the good growth and timely blossoming the chrysanthemums need the strengthened power supply therefore enrich the soil with mineral fertilizers: the rerotting manure, compost, peat. It is possible to use ready complex solutions or powders for cultivation. Provide good drainage, in flowerpots use haydite or crushed brick, and on the open spaces create the systems of trenches and ditches for water drain. Carefully spill the soil before disembarkation of shanks.

4. Observing distance between plants of 30-50 cm, plant chrysanthemums to the open ground or in flowerpot. After that on personal plot it is necessary to cover saplings. Use newspapers or special film for creation of effect of hotbed, then at cold snap and day overheating the chrysanthemum will be in equally comfortable conditions. After disembarkation spill the soil mineral solution or clear warm water. You carry out fertilizing 1-2 times a month.

5. Look after chrysanthemum in process of growth. That escapes well branched, prishchipyvayta of top of separate branches. Regularly water the soil and spray leaves. That the flower has kept beautiful decorative view, cut off the dried-up greens and delete faded inflorescences. Be attentive: the chrysanthemum easily is attacked by plant louse and red web mite, and at excess moisture during dormant period at plant roots can decay.

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