How to grow up cilantro

How to grow up cilantro

Cilantro (coriander) is known from extreme antiquity. It is widespread as essential oil-bearing culture with strong smell worldwide. This plant is loved most of all in east countries. People use young leaves of coriander as spicy seasoning to meat and vegetable dishes, to sauces, and in the raw – for salads.


1. In order that to grow up cilantro, it is necessary to be engaged in preparation of the soil for a start. The easy, sandy and loamy soil best of all is suitable for cilantro. Reaction of the environment has to be neutral or alkalescent. The coriander is cold-resistant plant therefore best of all to put it in the early spring. At this particular time in the soil there is a lot of moisture. The plant has to yield good harvest. It is necessary to sow seeds ranks. Expense of seeds – on 1 sq.m of 2.5 g Square of seeds. Shoots will appear in 2-3 weeks after crops.

2. If you want to land coriander to the greenhouse, then it is necessary to do it in February-March. Peduncles will be formed for the 40th day after shoots of seeds. By this time the plant will have strong foliage and quite good productivity. At later crops the peduncles will be formed much quicker. The plant will have sheet weight still small and productivity respectively lower. If you plant plant in February or March, then it will be necessary to be engaged in cut of plant. It is necessary to leave scape of stalk up to 7 centimeters high. If you early begin to cut at late crops, then the plant will just die. At crops of coriander it is necessary to consider some features. It is necessary to consider that crops in May-June will quicker form peduncles. The plant will have still weak foliage. Crops in July-August have longer period from crops before formation of peduncles.

3. Cilantro is plant of long day. If there is reduction of day length, then development of plant will slow down, at the same time the intensity of growth of greens is observed. If you grow up coriander on greens, then surely monitor formation of peduncles. They first of all have harmful impact on greens.

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