How to grow up coconut palm

How to grow up coconut palm

Some people are very much attracted by exotic for this reason in apartments or houses more often it is possible to meet interesting plants. If your dream - coconut palm, then it can quite become reality. It is possible to grow up so interesting plant, at the same time it can even fructify if, of course, it is correct to look after him.

1. Buy small palm tree in shop in which sell window plants. To grow up it from nut very not easy, not always it ascends therefore it is simpler to buy already slightly grown-up plant, than to wait for ""miracle"". It costs an average cheap.

2. As soon as you bring purchase home, define the place in which the palm tree will be located. It surely has to be solar and light. In winter season install daylight lamps, otherwise the coconut palm can just die because of lack of lighting. But in the winter indoor temperature has to be 5-7 degrees lower, than in the summer.

3. Water palm tree as required of room temperature. Try to maintain constant humidity, do not allow the earth to become covered by dry crust and to crack. Do not forget to irrigate periodically palm tree from spray, it needs the moisture arriving and through leaves. The humidity in the room has to be high, best of all use special humidifiers.

4. Feed up palm tree in the spring once in 7 days, and in the fall of times a month. Use any organic fertilizers, but strictly observe dosage, otherwise the palm tree can die. Do not use manure or humus, these substances are not suitable for fertilizer of exotic plants.

5. If you have noticed any defeats on leaves, process palm tree from wreckers any medicine which is created for fight against tripsa or web tick, they also strike exotic plants.

6. Try not to replace palm tree, do it only if the flowerpot became small. If you want ""to update"" the soil, then add a little fresh soil over old better. At change of palm tree long are ill therefore be extremely attentive. In several years the coconut palm will turn into the real tree.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team