How to grow up cyclamen

How to grow up cyclamen

The cyclamen is room perennial plant. At the correct leaving it will please you with the blossoming about 20 years. On long scapes green leaves with the silvery drawing are located. Flowers of cyclamen have various colors - white, violet, pink, red. The flower blossoms long and is abundant.


1. It is the best of all to buy flower in the fall, during this period the blossoming begins. This plant loves cool air and a lot of light, but not sunshine. The plant from the sun will quickly wither, and the flower can stop the blossoming.

2. It is the best of all to grow up cyclamen in small pot, then blossoming will be magnificent. The plant loves regular watering, it is better to pour water in pallet. It is necessary to watch that water has not got on tuber and sprouts. The soil Pereuvlazhnyat it is impossible too, the flower can die from it.

3. When spraying air about cyclamen, water droplets should not get on leaves and flowers. The dormant period at cyclamen begins in the spring, that is blossoming stops, and leaves begin to wither. If leaflets have not disappeared, they need to be unscrewed or cut off scissors near tuber. To try to make so that not to damage tuber.

4. Now the pot with plant can be carried to the cool shaded place or on fresh air in shadow. It is necessary to watch that the soil at plant has not dried up. The plant will begin to wake up when it has first leaflets.

5. Change of cyclamen it is necessary to be in time before emergence of the first buds. The soil during change changes completely, the decayed roots need to be removed. After that the flower is put on the light, but protected from the sun place.

6. The first weeks two watering has to be moderate. In weeks four after change can be made the first fertilizing. It is necessary to feed up flower once a month, blossoming will not end yet.

7. It is possible to grow up cyclamen seeds or division of bulb. It is necessary to sow seeds in the winter. The cyclamens which are grown up from seeds, will better get used to room conditions. The cyclamen is whimsical flower and if to follow all rules on cultivation, then you will enjoy its beautiful flowers long time.

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