How to grow up cypress

The cypress represents evergreen plant of coniferous breed which homeland the region of the Mediterranean is considered. This green tree of pyramidal form can be grown up in house conditions, and the lemon aroma of needles will extend on all room.

It is required to you

  • - box;
  • - pots;
  • - cypress seeds;
  • - sheet soil;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - turf;
  • - wine traffic jams or bark of tree.


1. To plant cypress in house conditions, you will need seeds of this plant or shank. For reproduction as seeds choose that cone which inside green, but already begins to reveal. In it about thirty seeds, for bigger confidence put all sunflower seeds, only the fourth part from all weight usually sprouts.

2. Pave the way for landing of seeds, this procedure is usually carried out in the spring, at this particular time there are more chances that the plant will take root and will take root. Ideally the soil has to consist of one part of the turf, one part of peat, one part of sand and two parts of sheet soil. At the bottom of wide box make laying of the crushed wine traffic jams (it is possible to use dry wood bark), it will help you to control humidity of substrate.

3. Fill the prepared capacity with earth mix and slightly condense it. Make ranks and plant cypress seeds, humidify the soil with warm water. Put box with seedlings to the warm and light place. The earth has to be constantly in damp state when sprouts appear, water plants at the dried-up top soil. Month later it is already possible to replace sprouts in separate pots, at the same time not strongly bury root neck, otherwise the cypress can die.

4. The room cypress, as well as any other coniferous plant, does not transfer dry indoor air. Therefore the most important governed at care for this evergreen plant – providing cypress with high air humidity (especially in heating season) due to frequent spraying (not less than two times a day).

5. From early spring to the fall the cypress needs abundant watering by otstoyanny water of room temperature. But at the same time you watch that there was no humidity surplus, it is also pernicious for coniferous breeds, as well as redrying of the soil. Frequency of waterings completely depends in the winter on indoor temperature which contains plant. If temperature is +8 degrees, water every ten days, 12-14 degrees – each five-seven days if temperature is even higher – increase watering frequency.

6. For cypress fresh air, as well as is useful to any other plants. Therefore it is recommended to hold plant from spring to early fall in the open air, priteny bush from the sun. During this time the cypress will gain strength and will get stronger for the next wintering. If you do not wish that the cypress has exceeded the size expected by you, it is not necessary to be fond of fertilizing. It is enough to do of it by liquid mineral fertilizers once a month (the dose at the same time has to be twice lower, than it is specified in the instruction).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team