How to grow up dahlias

Dahlias are beautiful, dolgotsvetushchy plants which have wide range of coloring of inflorescences and the most various forms. Dahlias can decorate garden of any style. The blossoming bush of dahlias will remarkably look in garden both close, and have published.


1. Now people practically do not look at dahlias. Many gardeners do not even represent as it is correct to grow up them. Also very few people know, properly them to dig out in the fall and to store in the winter. It is connected, generally with the fact that the love for dahlias has ceased because of flow of saplings of exotic plants. At the moment in the market quite good selection of various flower and decorative cultures from foreign nurseries. Most of gardeners dream to grow up something unusual in the garden. Though this "unusual" sometimes not absolutely acceptable for growth in our zone.

2. Dahlias do not require special care. They also do not demand special conditions of cultivation. Even the beginning gardener can part them. Dahlias are considered as noble plants which well grow and is abundant blossom in solar places. The soil for them has to be fertile. Also the plant needs enough moisture.

3. If you want to grow up dahlias, then surely consider that in bush it is necessary to leave no more than three stalks. If on plant to leave more escapes, then inflorescences will be much more small and less decorative. If bushes dahlia have the big size, then it is the best of all to tie up them to support. Thus escapes with numerous heavy inflorescences will not break.

4. Young and juicy escape needs protection against slugs. After dahlias blossom, wreckers – dvukhvostka (ukhovertka) begin to spoil their buds. Insects begin to gnaw gentle fabrics of bud. As a result at its dissolution the inflorescence has not really beautiful view. Wreckers most often attack plant at night. If you have noticed signs of attack the two-East on dahlias, then surely once a week process bushes broth of plants defenders - wormwood, celandine and other useful herbs. This broth will help to keep fine inflorescences dahlia in integrity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team