How to grow up daisies

How to grow up daisies

In translation "daisy" means "pearl". And desire of many people to decorate with these small pearls the beds and gardens quite clear. Thanks to their unpretentiousness, it is not difficult to grow up daisies, but it is necessary to know to each flower grower features of process.

It is required to you

  • - Urea;
  • - Mineral fertilizers;
  • - Deciduous compost or sawdust.


1. Division of roots of adult plants and kidneys is considered the easiest way of cultivation of daisies. You carry out the procedure at the beginning of spring at emergence of the first green sprouts, and then repeat it in about 2-3 years.

2. As the root system of flowers superficial, regular watering is necessary. The daisies growing in the easy soil demand watering every other day, in the summer during heat they should be watered daily. If water will be not enough, flowers can quickly die. The daisies growing in the soil which is well fertilized by organic chemistry do not need additional watering. Here it is enough also natural precipitation. Watering plants, it is desirable to humidify not strongly green egochast not to endanger flowers of fungal defeat.

3. Fertilizing in the form of fertilizers is necessary for daisies. During the season it is necessary to carry out several fertilizing. Urea serves as the first fertilizing which is carried out right after defrosting of the soil. It is just scattered along beds. It is impossible to do without this fertilizing as daisies early blossom and grow intensively. The second time it is necessary to feed up flowers in the first days of summer as at this time the young growth begins to grow. Make the second fertilizing by full mineral fertilizer.

4. The small root system of daisies assumes obligatory mulching. As mulch use deciduous compost, the crushed bark or sawdust. Application of mulch allows to keep moisture and at the same time hampers the growth of weeds, and plants not so become soiled if it is raining. In addition the structure and fertility of the soil improves. When there comes cold weather and you will remove stalks of daisies from bed, fill cm 2-3 mulch and cover landing with coniferous branches, it will save flowers from frosts.

5. The otshchipyvaniye of tips of stalks when the plant reaches 15 cm of height will help to grow up daisies. And to prolong the blossoming period, it is necessary to cut off faded flowers.

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