How to grow up date palm tree from stone

How to grow up date palm tree from stone

It is the best of all to begin cultivation of date palm tree from stone in February-March. At the same time observe temperature condition – 8-16ºС in the winter and 18-20ºС in the summer, at relative air humidity - 40-50%, once a week irrigate palm tree leaves.

It is required to you

  • - date stone
  • - soil


1. Peel crude (not fried) date also pulp. After clean stone of fruit leave to dry out for day to avoid emergence of process of rotting.

2. As date stone very firm, wet it in warm water for 3-5 days before full swelling, at the same time daily change water.

3. Use also following methods of acceleration of prorashchivaniye of sprout from date stone: scald hot water, scratch stone before soaking that water got into it quicker, do not too deep cuts that it has easier broken up in stone.

4. Successfully to grow up date palm tree from stone, as soil take the special earth, sawdust or peat mixed with the earth.

5. After soaking submerge stone in soil in vertical position on depth which is equal 1.5 lengths of date stone.

6. For prorashchivaniye of stones provide rather high temperature condition (from 20 to 25ºС), maintaining such temperature, it will be much simpler to grow up date palm tree from stone.

7. Regularly you carry out moistening of the soil with stones.

8. Stones of date palm tree after disembarkation in pot will sprout in 2-3 months.

9. When sprouts have reached height in 10 cm, land them in separate pots, the size in the diameter from 10 to 12 cm in the soil intended for adult plants. For preparation of such soil take 2 kg of the humous and sheet and clay and cespitose soil, by 1 part of the peat soil, the rerotting humus and bank sand and 1/3 parts of wood charcoal.

10. When roots of plant begin to get into drainage holes of pot – replace palm tree in pot, to 3 – 4 cm bigger previous.

11. The date palm tree needs to be fertilized at least 1 time in 30 days special composition of fertilizer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team