How to grow up decorative tomatoes in pots

How to grow up decorative tomatoes in pots

Not all have personal plots. Fans to regale on svezhesorvanny tomatoes can grow up tomatoes and houses. It is important to know number of methods which will help plant not to be extended, and to fruits – to be juicy and sweet.

Choose grade and plant seeds

At first buy seeds. It is crucial moment. Only undersized grades will be suitable for cultivation of tomatoes of the house. High will be extended even more, will not be so decorative and will not yield full-fledged harvest.

The following grades will be suitable for cultivation of decorative tomatoes: "Bonsai", "Garden pearl", Rubin, George Bush, "Japanese room", "Balcony miracle" and other names dwarfish tomato. Room tomatoes yield small fruits, the largest they at grade "Balcony miracle".

After acquisition of seeds decide on sowing time. Tomatoes for house cultivation put from the middle of February until the end of March. If you have glazed balcony, there is dosvechivaniye lamp, then you can begin sowing works in early time. For the lack of all this choose date in the middle of March. Seeds of tomatoes for cultivation in pots prepare just as those which will continue the growth and development on kitchen garden. At first place them in the sack sewed from gauze and disinfect in weak solution of potassium permanganate (it has to be pink color). After that place them for the night in the nutritious solution prepared from water with factor of growth, tablet of microelements or wood ashes (1 teaspoon on 500 ml of water). Then place sack with seeds in water which has to cover it on third or half, and remove to the warm place for prorashchivaniye. In 3 days the seeds will begin to arise. Until there was absolutely small part of white back, place capacity with germs in the fridge for the night or for day. Meanwhile prepare container. You can use packages from under juice or milk, having put them horizontally and having cut off side part. Fill them with the nutritious soil and plant the tempered seeds on depth of 1.5 cm.

Sword-play, care for pottery tomatoes

They will grow in such container month, then replace them in separate pots, it is possible – from under yogurt. Not to pereuvlazhnyayta seedlings also create it temperature no more +20+23os that they were not extended. In 3-4 weeks dive their second time on the constant place – in spacious pots. They have to be rather bigger size – not less than 15 cm in the diameter, and 20 cm high. Put down peg near each plant and tie up stalk to it. Carry out the first fertilizing in 2 weeks after landing of bushes. For this purpose dissolve mullein in water in ratio 1:10. When plants begin to blossom, feed up them solution of humate of potassium and microelements. Time in 3 days slightly stir up stalk that pollination was better. Collect fruits in process of maturing that they did not prevent to sing another. That fruits of room tomatoes were sweet, grow up them on the solar balcony or window. In shadow they will be sour. Tomato – perennial plant. Do not throw out it in the fall, and leave to winter in pot, having put on windowsill and watering infrequently. In the spring the plant will have new leaves, begin to feed up, dosvechivat it and you will soon wait for fruits.

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