How to grow up dogrose

How to grow up dogrose

Dogrose – very beautiful plant with the surprising flowers similar to roses, and medical fruits. Breeds seeds, shanks and layers. Grows everywhere worldwide, except for tropics. It is often used as green hedge and also for decoration of design of the site and it is grown up by people who appreciate the health as fruits have high content of vitamins, minerals, microelements and have found broad application in traditional medicine.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - layers;
  • - shanks.


1. The bush is very unpretentious in maintenance and leaving, can grow and fructify on any soil, however is very exacting to the content of large amount of nitrogen and therefore before landing it is necessary to introduce nitrogen fertilizer. On sour soils it is necessary to make preliminary lime application in one year prior to planting of bush.

2. Depending on grade, the blossoming dogrose can have red, white or pale red flowers. Fruits ripen at the end of September, the beginning of October. Remove them before frosts as the frozen fruits almost completely lose the main vitamin C.

3. For landing dogroseof seeds, it is necessary to choose them from the largest and ripe fruits. To pave the way. If necessary to carry out lime application, to introduce nitrogen fertilizer. It is better to plant seeds in the fall before the soil finally freezes. To sow on depth of 3 centimeters, to roll up, stamp rake and to fill up from above with thick layer of sawdust of deciduous breeds. Seeds ascend in the middle of July. Leaving consists in weeding, loosening and watering. Before approach of frosts the small bushes can be replaced to the constant place and to cover with foliage.

4. For landing of shanks it is necessary to cut off the strongest rods in the middle of July, to cut on part. In each part it is necessary to leave not less than four-five interstice. To put the received shanks for day in the mix stimulating growth (is on sale in goods for the house and garden). Shanks it is necessary to put at distance 5-10 cm under ukryvny material for protection against the sun. All the time of germination of roots of landing follows is abundant to water. The young growth will appear in 4-5 weeks. Before the onset of cold weather it needs to be cut off, having left 4 interstices and to cover carefully with foliage and the first snow.

5. For reproduction by layers it is necessary to bend down several strong branches, to powder with the earth, to stamp. To support the soil in damp state. In 6-8 weeks to cut off layer from maternal bush and to replace to the constant place.

6. In certain cases shanks and layers are replaced in pots, brought to the room and grown up in house conditions, and with approach of steady heat replaced in soil to the constant place. Such way helps to keep all plants from destruction by frost and protects from damage by rodents.

7. From third year the bush needs to be formed annually. For this purpose branches shorten secateurs on 15 cm, doing bush of the necessary form. The form can be made any on own discretion. Cutting is carried out all summer, monthly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team