How to grow up dragon tree

How to grow up dragon tree

The dragon tree with motley leaves should be held on bright to light, zelenolistny types have in the light place protected from direct sunshine. Many mistakenly believe that this plant is shade-loving, actually intensive light is necessary for it for the good growth and development.


1. In the summer the dragon tree is watered it is abundant, and in the winter — it is moderate. These plants badly transfer both drying of earth lump, and stagnation of water in pot therefore it is necessary to maintain constant and uniform humidity of substrate.

2. Though the dragon tree is resistant to dry air, recommend to spray its leaves regularly. If indoors becomes very hot, it should be done every day. The easy shower which is washing away dust is very useful to plant. It is previously necessary to close the earth plastic bag to avoid soil overwetting.

3. At low temperatures the watering is reduced, it is alternated to easy scarification, but the earth lump should not dry up at the same time. The wintering is necessary for the majority of dragon trees at temperature +8-10os, these plants are suitable for cultivation in cold greenhouses.

4. Roots of dragon tree need space, for example, the copy 40 cm high requires pot with a diameter about 15 cm. Substrate is prepared from the cespitose and sheet earth, peat, humus and sand, and all components take in equal quantities. At the bottom of ware stack drainage from crocks. Young plants replace in the spring once in 2 years, adults need change when the pot became small.

5. From April to August the dragon tree is recommended to feed up time in 2 weeks complex fertilizers for houseplants. For this purpose for watering add several drops of medicine to water. Carry out by winter of fertilizing on more often once a month.

6. The dragon tree is made multiple copies top shanks, air layers or pieces of stalk. The top of plant is cut off, placed in bank with water and add to it a little wood charcoal or sand. Capacity is put to the warm place. Approximately in 3 months the shank will have roots, then it can be replaced in pot.

7. For reproduction it is also possible to use pieces of stalk 5-7 cm long. The lower cut is processed korneviny and landed in mix of sand and peat then cover with film. For rooting it is necessary to maintain continuous temperature near +25os.

8. The top of dragon tree can be implanted, without cutting off it from stalk, so carry out reproduction by air layers. A little lower than leaves do section by depth in half of trunk, insert match that it has a little dispersed into it. After that take small pot and cut it in half. Fix capacity on trunk in the place of section, fill it with the friable soil or moss and regularly water. Approximately in month the young plant separates from uterine trunk.

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