How to grow up early cucumbers

How to grow up early cucumbers

Cultivation of early cucumbers allows to receive fresh vegetables in the first months of summer. For this purpose it is only necessary to plant seeds in the middle of the spring and it is correct to look after young plants.

It is required to you

  • Seeds, box, soil, greenhouse.


1. Before growing up early cucumbers, buy the corresponding seeds. Certain grades are adapted especially for that successfully grow in conditions of still short daylight hours in the spring and to yield early harvest in the summer.

2. In order that seeds have quicker given shoots, they need to be killed previously. It is possible to do it at the end of March or the beginning of April. For this purpose impregnate gauze or piece of fabric with warm water, slightly wring out then wrap in them seeds for the night. In the morning they will be ready to landing. It is possible to wait for that moment when sunflower seeds give shoots, for this purpose fabric will need to be wetted several times in process of drying. In this case seeds demand special accuracy in the address.

3. Fill in box in advance prepared soil on which lay out seeds at distance of several centimeters from each other that subsequently to shoots it was not close. It is possible to put on one sunflower seed in small peat pot at once and already in such look to plant seedling in soil subsequently. Powder seeds with the earth, but it is not too strong, otherwise it will be difficult for sprouts to break through. Water soil and put to the warm and light place.

4. When sprouts grow up and on the street there will pass the last frosts, land them in soil. Put sprouts in the greenhouse as in usual conditions to them it will be insufficiently warm to grow and fructify quicker. It is possible to plant seeds of cucumbers to the greenhouse, at the end of April or the beginning of May at once, but then on their growth more time, than in case of landing of seedling will leave.

5. Carry out watering in process of soil drying. When cucumbers grow up and on them there will be several large leaves, bind them on lane or separate threads. If not to bind bushes, then they can break under curb weight. Periodically feed up cucumbers mineral and organic fertilizers, then at the beginning of June it is possible to try the first fruits.

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