How to grow up early potatoes

How to grow up early potatoes

Potato is called not without reason the second bread: we eat this vegetable constantly and with pleasure, we do various dishes of potatoes, we add it to soups and salads. And as it is pleasant to eat the young potatoes which are just dug out of bed and baked in sol! To grow up a bit earlier good harvest of potatoes, it is necessary to land it correctly.


1. For a start it is necessary to choose the suitable grade which is quickly giving the ripened tubers. Then seed potatoes should be prepared. Approximately a month before landing wash out potatoes, take them 20-30 minutes in solution of potassium permanganate or boric acid and dry. After that put tubers to the light, warm place in which air temperature has to be about 18-20 degrees. Let potatoes will lie down days 10 - then on it the main and additional kidneys are formed.

2. After there were sprouts, transfer tubers to the cool place with temperature of 10-12 degrees (the glazed balcony will approach). It will allow shoots to become tempered and to be extended not too. Accurately spread out potato on paper or in boxes in one layer, wait for emergence of rudiments of leaves and roots. It is possible in 10-15 days prior to landing to fill up the sprouted tubers with ashes and peat, and after that regularly to spray them. Then the most real seedling as a result of which landing in beds the harvest will ripen for 2-3 weeks before normal term will turn out.

3. When the soil enough gets warm (usually it occurs at the end of May beginning of June), it is possible to plant potato. Choose the light site, ranks arrange from the North on the South. It is necessary to dig in tubers on depth of 8-10 cm, observing distance between them 35-40 cm, and between ranks – 70 cm. Before landing of potato add humus and wood ashes to poles.

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