How to grow up ekhinatseyu

How to grow up ekhinatseyu

Ekhinatsey is very decorative and unpretentious plant in culture. It has large crimson flowers. For the normal growth of ekhinatsea it is necessary to create optimal conditions. Temperature, composition of the ground and humidity have to correspond to her requirements.


1. This plant prefers the sun. Also it will well grow in the place where there is easy half-shade. On one place ekhinatseya about five years can grow. To the soil she is not exacting. However It should be noted that on the easy sandy soil it will badly grow.

2. Bushes quickly expand on fertile soils. That ekhinatseya well developed it is necessary to carry out every year fertilizer mineral and organic matters. It will well affect also blossoming. Bushes will grow late, especially if weather cool in the spring.

3. By the end of the first year of life the plant will have formation of the socket to leaves which size about 20 centimeters. Blossoming of ekhinatsea happens for the second year of life. Usually it begins since the end of July. Blossoming till September will continue.

4. Reproduction of ekhinatsea is made by seeds. They need to be collected in process of maturing. It is recommended to sow in the spring, at the end of February. The normal box with the earth well will be suitable for it landing of such plant. Seeds need to be planted on depth in centimeter floor. From above they need to be pritrushivat very thin layer of the washed-out sand. Then it is necessary only to humidify the earth carefully.

5. They will sprout not quickly. On it from two to five weeks will leave. Shoots need heat and moisture. For this reason it is recommended to grow up ekhinatseyu seedling. Tiny shoots require special care. They should not dry up. Also you monitor moistening. At the beginning of May seedling can be planted in soil on the solar place. Sprouts need to be loosened and to water moderately. Ekhinatsey is loved by sbryzgivaniye in the hot summer water in the evening.

6. If you plant seeds to the open ground, then shoots will appear in 2-4 weeks. It is recommended to plant seeds in May. Before it seeds have to be grown up in the greenhouse.

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