How to grow up eucalyptus

How to grow up eucalyptus

The eucalyptus represents evergreen, decorative tree which leaves are pruinose wax and are saturated with essential oils. The eucalyptus smell has property to destroy bacteria and viruses and also to purify air. This interesting and useful plant can be grown up in room conditions, and here is how it is correct to make it, knows not everyone. As it is correct to grow up eucalyptus?

It is required to you

  • - Clay pot,
  • - eucalyptus seeds,
  • - sand,
  • - drainage,
  • - soil,
  • - fertilizers.


1. The eucalyptus is grown up from seeds which often come across in bags of leaves of the plant bought in pharmacy. Despite rather big growth of plants in nature, seeds very small. For cultivation of eucalyptus in house conditions it is recommended to take seeds of undersized types.

2. For crops of seeds prepare clay pot, lay layer of drainage on bottom and fill with the easy humous soil mixed with sand. Sow sunflower seeds on the surface of the humidified earth, slightly press inside. You hold pot with crops at temperature about 18 degrees. The first three-four days are not recommended to be watered.

3. Shoots will begin to appear for 5-10 day after landing, at this moment observe special attentiveness and care. As seedlings do not transfer excessive moisture content of air and the soil, they demands a lot of daylight. At badly aired room, shoots can grow mouldy and die.

4. After shoots reach height of three centimeters and on them will appear on four leaflets – replace them in small pots which diameter has to be no more than 10 centimeters, and height – 15 centimeters. After successful change carefully water the soil. In three-four weeks when young shoots get stronger and will take roots, move pots to the permanent residence. For good development and growth the room eucalyptus needs full-fledged daylight hours, the windowsill of the window coming to South side perfectly will approach.

5. From spring to fall the eucalyptus needs abundant watering, in the winter it has to be more moderate. Every two weeks feed up tree the complex mineral fertilizers intended for houseplants. It is not necessary to spray plant. It is possible to take out pot on balcony in the summer or on the seasonal dacha where it will get stronger even more. Do not forget to return pet in early autumn to the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team