How to grow up flowers in the greenhouse

How to grow up flowers in the greenhouse

It is possible to grow up not only vegetables and berries, but also flowers in greenhouses. At the same time each of them will be in own way fine and unique. There is huge set of flower plants suitable for similar conditions. If you follow all rules and recommendations, at you the unusual garden of fragrant flowers will turn out.


1. For cultivation Avalansh, Gloris, Keluace, etc. are considered as PionyLuchshiy grades. Rather unpretentious plant drawing the attention with splendor and kind of color of flowers. Before landing of plant pave the way. Peonies prefer the soil which is well fertilized by mineral fertilizers and humus. For this purpose on 1 sq.m bring 600 g of wood hall, 60 g to nitrophoska, 60 g of superphosphate and 6 kg of the rerotting manure. Land shanks on depth of 4-5 cm. Right after landing water beds and powder with humus layer (1.5-2 cm). Do not forget to look after behind plant: to loosen, weed and water the soil. After it goes to growth, 1-2 times a month feed up him mineral fertilizers and infusion of chicken dung (alternately).

2. Rozys old times this plant is considered symbol of love and beauty. The delicate aroma, graceful form and richness of paints does not leave indifferent. Pave the cespitose way with sheet humus for landing of roses. From above powder it with sand (3-5 cm). Put shanks on depth of 2-3 cm. After that well water the earth and cover with film that inside humid environment was formed. The first 5-10 days after landing regularly irrigate plants. As soon as roses go to growth, remove film. Any grade of roses needs cutting. Carry out it sharp secateurs over unblown kidney, using diagonal cut. After that surely introduce mineral and organic fertilizers at the rate of 20 g of superphosphate, 15 g of potash salt, 10 g of ammonium nitrate, 5 kg of humus on 1 sq.m. Do not forget to look after plant: regularly delete weeds and you loosen the soil. It is abundant water roses, especially during development of buds and growth of escapes.

3. GiatsintyEto plant from family of lily family which represents small long-term bush with small flowers. Pave the trained, friable and well fertilized way for cultivation of hyacinth. For this purpose before landing of plant bring mix of superphosphate and manure (1:5) in soil. Plant bulbs of hyacinth on depth of 12-15 cm, according to the scheme of 20х20 cm. Before it it is desirable to keep them in weak solution of potassium permanganate within 1-2 hours. Do not forget to look after plant: to loosen, delete weeds from the soil and to water regularly.

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