How to grow up from seeds iberis long-term

How to grow up from seeds iberis long-term

Long-term iberis it is unpretentious in cultivation, he well transfers the neighbourhood with other plants. It is the best of all to land it big groups of different grades. The next year, after entomophily it is possible to receive new interesting combinations of shades of flowers.

Collecting seeds

Seeds of iberis can be collected independently, they are formed on the place of flowers in two-fold pods of flat form. The plant blossoms during all warm period of year, seeds at the same time are formed constantly. It is better not to wait for approaches of fall, and to start collecting fruits in process of their maturing. Having collected pods of iberis, it is necessary to dry them a little in heat and to take seeds. Until landing they have to be stored in the dry cool place.

Now boarding

Iberis can grow on any soil, the main condition — it has to be vodopronitsayema. For landing of plant it is the best of all to choose the sandy, stony or loamy site with intensive lighting. It is not necessary to land it in sour and crude soil. In shadow or even half-shade it can die. Whenever possible it is necessary to avoid change, iberis badly transfers it.

Seeds land in two ways — to the open ground or on seedling. Considering that change is undesirable to plant, it is better to give preference to the first method. In the middle of April the seeds place in the soil on depth of 7-10 cm. It is not recommended to do deep landing, in this case the iberisa will be more difficult to be sprouted. Approximately in 1-2 weeks there will be first shoots which need to be thinned out. The distance between plants has to be 10-15 cm, so they will grow up magnificent and will is abundant to blossom. That iberis pleased in the flowers as long as possible, seeds should be seeded for the winter, in this case it will blossom at the beginning of May. If to begin crops in the early spring and to carry out them with interval of 1-2 weeks, blossoming will continue prior to the beginning of October.


Optimum temperature for growth and development of long-term iberis — +18-22 °C, however this plant is capable to transfer its lowering to -5 °C. Throughout the entire period of growth it is moderately watered, and in the spring and at the end of summer - feed up full mineral fertilizer. If you are not going to collect seeds, deflowered flowers can be deleted to give to plant more esthetic look. Long-term iberis it is regularly necessary to cut off to keep its attractive and compact form. The root system is most vulnerable, it is subject to fungal diseases. To avoid troubles, before landing of seeds the soil is processed special means. The struck plant needs to be removed at once, and — to disinfect the earth.

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