How to grow up garden cranberry

How to grow up garden cranberry

On the garden site it is quite real to receive good harvest of cranberry. The respective soil, regular watering and good light is necessary for the good growth of plant. The cranberry will badly grow in shadow.

It is required to you

  • - spade;
  • - the tarred boards;
  • - roofing felt or roofing material;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - mineral fertilizers.


1. The cranberry usually grows on the marshland. However it will well grow also in the normal soil. The site, the condition of underground waters on which is not closer than 30 cm from surface, well is suitable for large-fruited plant. On this site you can grow up cranberry even without irrigation. If on the garden site underground water costs more deeply, it is necessary to water plant regularly. The best way is overhead irrigation.

2. The marsh cranberry can be grown up as well as large-fruited. The site on which level of underground water is not lower than 20-30 cm from surface is suitable for it. For landing of plant in garden choose the site where the friable and easy soil. Excellent condition is availability of transitional peat. The fact is that it is closer to environment of growth of cranberry.

3. If on your site the sandy or sandy loam soil, it needs to be mixed surely with riding peat, at the same time the ratio has to be 1:1. If the soil tyazhelosuglinisty, it is necessary to replace it completely. For this purpose dig out trench depth about shovel bayonet. Its width has to be about 60 cm. Length can be any. Close walls of trench the tarred boards. Also you can use for this purpose roofing felt or roofing material. The protection is necessary in order that on cranberry allotment have not crept kornevishchny weeds. Fill up it with riding peat or its mix with sand.

4. In one place it is recommended to put such grades of cranberry which belong to one botanical look. Cranberry marsh and large-fruited will not pollinate each other. The fact is that they have different number of chromosomes.

5. At care for plant it is necessary to apply mulching. If you have planted cranberry to the peat soil, sand can serve as mulch. It is recommended to feed up plant mineral fertilizers.

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