How to grow up geranium from seeds

How to grow up geranium from seeds

Geranium – unpretentious plant which has lodged on windowsills of apartments for a long time. But if before its coloring it was possible to count on fingers, today selectors have removed new grades and hybrids of almost all color gamma. Make multiple copies geranium not only shanks, but also seeds that it is very easy to make in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - pochvosmes;
  • - glass;
  • - seedling boxes.


1. At first buy seeds of this beautiful houseplant. You can choose one grade, but it is better to buy mix, then at you several geraniums with flowers of different coloring will grow at once.

2. Stock up to pochvosmesye. For cultivation of geranium it is required to mix 2 parts of the cespitose earth, one part of peat and one part of bank sand. After that carry out disinfecting. Either water with boiled water, or steam on water bath, but only do not heat in the microwave oven, otherwise soil will become "dead".

3. Get or make seedling boxes. If you sow few seeds, use normal flowerpots. From below tanks there have to be openings.

4. Begin cultivation of geranium with disinfecting of seeds. For this purpose take them in dark solution of potassium permanganate. Then rub firm cover abrasive fine-grained paper, so seeds will ascend quicker.

5. Put in pots or seedling boxes beaten brick as drainage, then fill pochvosmes and plant seeds on depth of 1 cm and 2 cm one from another. Water and cover with glass. Deliver to capacity to the warm place, temperature in the room should not be less than 20 wasps.

6. Seeds of geranium ascend usually quickly if all rules are followed. When there are shoots, transfer pots to windowsill and remove glass. Seedling of geranium grows quickly, watch that it was not extended from lack of light and did not dry up from scarcity of water. You loosen the earth if weeds have appeared, remove them.

7. When there are 2 leaflets, transplant plants in separate pots, pochvosmes take the same structure. In 2 weeks after the sword-play water with one of liquid fertilizers. It can be "Agricola Imagination". And further water with the Effekton for Flowers fertilizer or similar according to the instruction. Soon the geranium will blossom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team