How to grow up girasol on the site

How to grow up girasol on the site

The girasol is also known as earth pear. This plant species belongs to family of thistle family, it is from North America, however has extended worldwide. It does not impose special requirements to leaving and is capable to grow in really different conditions. In addition to thin roots, the girasol also makes underground escapes from which tubers grow. These tubers interest people as they are suitable for food.

The girasol brings a lot of benefit for human health. The tuber contains inulin which reduces sugar level in blood. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol. Many researches show that the girasol supports cancer therapy though in this direction it is necessary to carry out number of additional tests. However properties of this plant are broad. It is rich with vitamin C, vitamins A, E, K, thiamine, Riboflavinum, niatsiny, folic acid, B6 vitamin and also many important minerals. The girasol also supports work of digestive system.

What to prepare from girasol?

This officinal, fodder, industrial and ornamental plant. From it cook useful chips or puree. You can also bake girasol in oven with addition of herbs, make potato fritters, cream soup or salad. Add the Italian herbs to girasol soup. It can also be given with grated cheese. The girasol is suitable for consumption in the raw, but in such look it can cause meteorizm therefore it is recommended to train him or to bake. 

However not only girasol dishes are popular. It is possible to make special coffee of it. It is healthier alternative to popular coffee from coffee beans. 

How to grow up girasol?

As for girasol, properties of this plant are so numerous that many people want to grow up it in the garden. Girasol flowers small, but the plant can grow to several meters. It is very similar to sunflower and at the same time is easily grown up. It has no special soil requirements. Nevertheless, he loves well trained soil and demands harvesting before landing of seeds. Otherwise it will quickly extend on all site. The plant well transfers frosts. During initial stage of growth it is necessary to provide regular weeding of substrate only. 

How to plant girasol?

The girasol is planted in the early spring. The best time – March or April, shanks put directly to the earth. Tubers should be placed at depth about 10-15 centimeters in ranks between which distance of 30-60 centimeters. 

When to reap girasol crop?

Tubers of girasol need to be collected to the first frosts. The best time for this purpose – the end of summer or early autumn. Some ask question from where it is known that tubers already rather large and rather mature for collecting. If the plant has begun to turn yellow, means tubers it is time to dig out. The girasol needs to be cut off in time, trying to support the necessary height. They cannot be cut too low or too highly, ideally it has to be about 30 centimeters above the ground. Tubers pull out pitchfork, accurately digging them not to damage. 

How to store girasol?

In the cool place the tubers remain about half a year, and in the fridge – up to 2 weeks. From them it is possible to cook tasty pancakes, soup, puree or salad. Coffee from girasol is also popular and is on sale in shops of healthy food. Sometimes add dandelion root for further support of positive influence on sugar level in blood to it. This type of drink is especially recommended for diabetics. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team