How to grow up gladioluses

How to grow up gladioluses

Will be suitable for cultivation of gladioluses smooth, with brilliant surface of bulb. To water plants it is necessary regularly and abundant. Five times during the season it is required to feed up them.

The name of this flower has come from the Latin word "sword". And it is valid, this plant constantly aspires into the sky as sword edge. Gladioluses can have the most various shades, fringing of flowers, the invoice and form. This magnificent and graceful plant can by the right take the place in flower bed.

Choice of bulbs and preparation of the soil

For landing it is necessary to select smooth, with brilliant surface of bulb, not less than 3 mm having sprout from 1 to 10 cm high and root hillock. It is preferable to use those which have been grown up in this area and never before blossomed. Growing up gladioluses from children, it is possible to rejuvenate constantly plant and from year to year to admire its magnificent color on the site. As for the place of cultivation, it has to be well lit and protected from wind.

The site for landing of gladioluses needs to begin to be prepared since fall. The earth is deeply required to be dug over and fertilized humus, sulfate potassium, ashes and superphosphates. Bulbous tubers land to the earth during the period since the end of April to the middle of May when the soil enough gets warm. At first put children, then old bulbs on depth approximately equal to three diameters of bulb. If the bulb has diameter of 4 cm, then it is necessary to plant it deep into on 12-13 cm. Between separate bulbs it is necessary to maintain distance in 6-15 cm. The distance between ranks makes 25-35 cm. After landing the earth needs to be covered with film till that time until warm weather is finalized.

Watering, fertilizing and conservation of bulbs

To water gladioluses it is necessary often and abundant – 1-2 times a week slightly warmed up water. At the same time it is necessary to pour water in grooves between ranks. Otherwise the water which has got on leaves can lead to appearance of various fungal diseases. After each watering the soil is loosened, and it is not required to weed gladioluses often, there is enough 3-4 times during the season. Plant it is necessary to feed up. For the first time, when there will be the second leaf, the second time it is done during forming of flower kidney, the third – at emergence of inflorescences, in the fourth – at the very beginning of blossoming and last time at once after it. For fertilizing any organic and mineral fertilizers are used. It is possible to dig out bulbs in 4 weeks after the plant fades. They are washed out, cut off roots and stalks, leaving stump to 1 cm in height. Children separate from maternal plant and all tubers subject to drying at temperature of 40 wasps. Then 14-21 days are maintained at the room temperature and removed in the fridge.

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