How to grow up gloxinia from seeds

How to grow up gloxinia from seeds

The gloxinia – plant with fancy flowers "grammofonchik" is quite popular plant in room floriculture. Flowers at gloxinias quite large and various on coloring (from purely - white to dark-violet). This plant is frequent divide tubers, but it is possible to grow up gloxinia and through crops of seeds. It is quite difficult, but observing certain technology, you receive wonderful beauty of plant.

It is required to you

  • - gloxinia seeds;
  • - torfoperegnoyny tablet;
  • - hotbed and pot.


1. Buy seeds of desirable grade. Check the term of their validity upon purchase. You remember, seeds of gloxinias are very small therefore they are drazhirut and pack into special plastic containers. Do not open container before landing, easy small granulka can be lost.

2. You carry out crops in February. It is better to use torfoperegnoyny tablets instead of soil. Before crops wet such tablet in water. The pressed peat will increase in the amount of. If there is a lot of water, then slightly wring out tablet.

3. Prepare plastic hotbed or glass with transparent cover. Place the humidified tablet in this glass and start crops of seeds. Try to distribute from the first evenly granules on surface since it is impossible to move them then. Sprinkle granules from spray water. It promotes fast dissolution of cover and rooting of seeds. With earth it is impossible to cover granules. Close hotbed or glass transparent cover or fragment of glass to keep optimum moisture content for seedlings. Put glass to the light place.

4. In week the seeds sprout. Maintain temperature not below 18 °C. Once a day surely air seedlings, slightly opening lid of container (glass).

5. As soon as young gloxinias have about 2-4 real leaves, start sword-play. Take out tablet from glass and accurately separate sprout together with tablet piece. Sword-play you have to carry out not less than 3 times. It will allow to develop more intensively to young plant.

6. In 3 months, having held the last sword-play, leave plant in pot to increase tuber. In 7 months of gloxinia blossom. At emergence of the first buds, their vyshchipnita or leave only one.

7. Gloxinias for a long time blossom. After blossom fading the dormant period begins. At this time the plant dumps leaves. Reduce watering and put pot to the dry cool room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team