How to grow up good harvest of cucumbers in the greenhouse

How to grow up good harvest of cucumbers in the greenhouse

To receive good harvest, long and laborious work, of course, with observance of certain rules is necessary. It is rather easy to grow up cucumbers in the greenhouse in comparison with other similar fruits, and still this process demands attentiveness to parts.

So, what is necessary for good harvest of cucumbers in the greenhouse? The viability and fructification depend on several factors:

  •    Care for escapes
  •    Correctly equipped greenhouse
  •    External factors

Care for escapes

It is necessary to choose the correct exit strategy. First, it fertilizers. Fertilizers can be used either mineral or organic, each gardener chooses.

There are three stages of fertilizing by fertilizers at cultivation of cucumbers. The first stage at disembarkation, the second stage when blossoming, and the third – at emergence of fruit. 

Very important role is played by watering. Here it is important to know when to stop. Is to water fruits too often, they will decay and if it is too rare, will dry up. The watering measure at each stage of formation of fruit is defined by the gardener as in different regions different climate and level of moisture.

Correctly equipped greenhouse

The greenhouse has to be rather big that disembarkation was not too close to each other. It will prevent fruits to develop further. It is necessary to equip beds accurately. 

Walls and roof have to be designed from organic glass that sunlight got on fruits. Also in the greenhouse there have to be air ducts that plants could "breathe". Still it is possible to put special lamps which play incubator role for cucumbers. The greenhouse needs to be established in such place in kitchen garden where on it most of all sun will get.

External factors

It is possible to refer fertility of the soil to external factors. If the earth dry, then it is quite difficult to receive desirable result on such soil. In that case it is necessary to add a little chernozem. Good season for seedling of hothouse cucumbers is the late spring. At this particular time the soil contains many useful connections that helps growth of cucumbers.

Also it is possible to carry weather patterns to external factors. Insufficiency of the sun will not give to fruits the necessary amount of energy for growth therefore it is necessary to provide cucumbers with sufficient light. 

All these factors play huge role in cultivation of cucumbers. Receiving good harvest requires their accurate observance. It is also not necessary to forget that it is necessary to treat plants with love and care to receive desirable result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team