How to grow up good harvest of garden radish in kitchen garden

How to grow up good harvest of garden radish in kitchen garden

The garden radish is grown up everywhere because of its remarkable tastes. Besides, this vegetable - just well of vitamins. However this plant is rather exacting to cultivation conditions. Therefore to receive really tasty radish, it is necessary to consider some features.

Garden radish – one of the earliest cultures of our kitchen gardens. Receive for one season several harvests at once. Cultivation of garden radish considerably becomes simpler because this vegetable well transfers cold.

What to begin cultivation with?

1.     We choose grade

It is possible to follow all rules of cultivation and to create the best conditions for seeds, but to choose improper grade. In that case all works will be for nothing. It is better to choose early ripening variety which will yield stable early harvest. To it it is possible to carry the following: "Presto", "Heat", "French breakfast". Seeds choose large and undamaged.

2.     We prepare the soil

One more very important point. The quality of harvest is directly connected with quality of the chosen soil. For landing it is necessary to choose fertile soils with good drainage system. Many amateur gardeners make inexcusable mistake – bring fresh manure before planting of seeds. It can result in large number of green material of vegetables. As shows experience, the best crop is reaped on loamy soils. To neutralize the soil, bring ashes in it.

3.     We prepare bed

It is possible to begin in the middle of April. Soil needs to be spilled hot water, then to dig over on all depth of spade. The good result is yielded by entering into the soil of mature compost, humus or peat and also phosphorus-potassium fertilizer according to the instruction.

As it has been told above, seeds have to be large. Such have the best viability. Previously they can be killed in half a day. However, if you throw their dry, nothing terrible. 

The radish is planted in furrows which depth has to be from 2 to 5 centimeters. Distance between grooves – 10 cm. On the open ground the radish well grows together with carrots, onions or garlic. Such cultivation gives the following pluses:

- economy of the place;

- protection against parasites (for this purpose onions and garlic perfectly cope);

4.      We choose the place of crops

It has to be the open place which is well lit with sunshine. Seeds put in the spring, the beginning of May best of all approaches. It is impossible to plant garden radish in shadow of trees or fence. In that case you risk to receive the blossoming lawn instead of juicy root crops.

5.     What to do after landing?

In 5 days after sprouts will appear, thin out them and delete weak. Leave only healthy and strong. For watering use watering can, at the rate of the 2nd liter on 1 meter of bed. Also between ranks carry out loosening, and hill plants. In 25 days it is possible to reap crop. Helpful advice – do not overdo garden radish, otherwise it will go to arrow, and edible part will become rough.

Follow these simple rules and follow advice, then the result in the form of juicy root crops will not keep itself waiting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team