How to grow up good seedling of tomatoes

How to grow up good seedling of tomatoes

Cultivation of tomatoes in midland of the Russian Federation is possible only by means of seedling. Already from the beginning of spring the summer residents wait for the first shoots in house containers. That seedlings have grown healthy and have yielded big harvest, it is important correct to look after them. Main stages of reproduction of tomatoes: prorashchivaniye of seeds, crops, sword-plays and hardening.

It is required to you

  • - Seeds;
  • - gauze and napkins;
  • - water;
  • - soil (peat, sand, humus, ashes or garden earth);
  • - thermometer;
  • - 25 Watts lamps;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - polyethylene;
  • - forcing containers;
  • - pots on number of seedlings.


1. Calculate suitable time for crops of tomatoes. Between landing works and planting of plants to the greenhouse, hotbed or the open ground there have to pass about two months. Selection of qualitative seeds will become the first important stage of preparation of tomato seedling. Prepare them in advance from juicy high-quality tomatoes or get from the familiar plant breeder.

2. Put sowing material on damp gauze, cover with thin porous napkin and place in the warm place (temperature from 25 to 30 degrees) for prorashchivaniye. Do not save on sunflower seeds, it is better to reject all weak sprouts then.

3. The soil for tomato seedling is recommended to be prepared even in the fall. Mix in bucket peat (60%), humus (30%), sand (10%) and it is a little ashes. If you use the simple garden earth, before application it should be disinfected from wreckers: to calcinate in oven or to take on frost. It is possible to water soil with weak solution of permanganate of potassium.

4. You perform landing works only in the earth of room temperature, in special forcing containers from plastic or wooden boxes.

5. Water soil and let's it dry out a little from above to provide to sprouts air access. Carefully transfer the arisen seeds to containers and powder them with earth layer approximately in 1.5 cm. Cover crops with polyethylene film and place them in the warm place.

6. You watch the first sprouts of tomatoes. It is important to provide them sufficient lighting, otherwise all forces of seedling will go for growth of stalk. It is recommended to place containers on solar windowsill or near the 25 Watts energy saving lamps. Additional illumination will help to bring lighting duration to optimum - 14 hours a day.

7. When on seedlings about 2-3 real leaves grow, make the first sword-play of tomato seedling. It can be executed in 5-10 days after the first shoots depending on quality of grade and conditions of keeping of sprouts. Reject all underdeveloped seedlings and replace healthy tomatoes in separate pots. Bury them to the level of cotyledonous leaves. Do not forget to pinch off the ends of each back, then seedling will be stronger.

8. In the first three days after the sword-play lower the level of lighting and hide pots from direct sunshine. When saplings get stronger, place them in usual conditions.

9. By means of the subsequent sword-plays of tomatoes (every time - in fresh soil!) it is possible to make plants more resistant to adverse conditions. Each change delays growth of seedling a little. It is so possible to slow down its excessive pulling during overdue frosts. When young tomatoes become about 25-30 cm high, they will be ready to jumping on "permanent residence".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team