How to grow up grade tomatoes ""Pink elephant"

How to grow up grade tomatoes ""Pink elephant"

Tomatoes ""Pink Elephant"" have received the name thanks to the exclusive size of fruits which average mass is 300-400 g. However also champions whose weight reaches 1 kg meet. ""The pink elephant"" will be to the taste to fans of juicy and fleshy tomatoes.

Grade tomatoes ""Pink elephant"": large and sweet

Tomatoes ""Pink elephant"" are quite exacting to leaving, but if to provide them necessary conditions: by all means will please the suitable temperature and humidity, soft and nutritious soil, grade with excellent harvest.

Description of grade following:

  • ""The pink elephant"" treats sredneranny grades of tomatoes, the first fruits can be removed in 110-115 days after emergence of shoots.
  • Plant rather high and powerful. In height reaches 1.7 m. To receive large tomatoes, it needs to be pasynkovat, forming in 1 stalk and also to tie up to support.
  • Fruits of this grade are painted in crimson shade and have form roundish and slightly flat on both sides. Thin skin quite dense with glossy surface.
  • Mature tomatoes are painted in dark pink color. They can be removed also in stage of dairy ripeness. Tomatoes ""Pink elephant"" can ripen in room conditions.
  • Responses of gardeners say that the fruits which have kept up not on plant, and the ripened houses, do not lose the tastes.

Characteristics of ""Pink elephant"" only positive. Gardeners note number of advantages among which:

  • high productivity (4 kg from bush);
  • fruits of the large size;
  • pleasant sweetish taste;
  • fleshy pulp;
  • resistance to phytophthora and wreckers.

Ways of cultivation of tomatoes of grade ""Pink elephant""

Conditions necessary for cultivation of the Pink elephant, such:

  • high-fertile friable soil;
  • the closed soil;
  • high humidity, frequent waterings and timely fertilizing.

This grade of tomatoes is grown up only in the seedling way. It is the best of all to begin disembarkation in March. Before the procedure it is desirable to process seeds in weak solution of potassium permanganate, having wrapped them in linen sack and having lowered in liquid for 30 minutes. After the procedure the planting stock is washed with clear water and dried up.

Then start preparation of planting stock. That shoots have turned out amicable, and seedling thickset and healthy, experienced gardeners recommend to stimulate seeds for the subsequent vegetirovaniye. It is done by means of one of growth factors which treat ""Epin-Ekstra"", ""Agate-25K"" or the medicine ""Immunotsitofit"". Processing is made according to the recommendations specified in the instruction. Besides, excellent results are yielded by processing by aloe juice which is natural stimulator.

After that the planting stock is recommended to be couched. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • To pour warm water in saucer and to put in it rag from cotton.
  • Then to place the seeds processed in light pink solution of potassium permanganate on damp material.
  • To cover planting stock from above with damp rag and to put saucer to the warm and light place.
  • After seeds arise, it is possible to start landing.

Stages of process of landing of seeds to seedling:

  • Tanks under seedling fill with light nutritious substrate (it is possible to use ready universal soil for seedling or to make soil mix of the garden earth (2 parts), humus (1 part) and sand (1 part).
  • Substrate is moistened and do superficial grooves on its surface.
  • In them carefully display the arisen seeds of tomatoes ""Pink elephant"" and fill up with substrate.
  • It is necessary to put capacity with landings to the warm and light place. In 5-7 days the first shoots will appear.
  • After emergence of 3-4 real leaflets the seedlings dive on separate pots.
  • Disembarkation to the greenhouse is carried out at the end of May at the established positive temperatures. Between saplings leave distance in 0.8-1 m.

Further cultivation of culture comes down to regular waterings, weedings, soil loosening. It is required to plant pasynkovany, all side escapes it is necessary to cut off, without leaving stumps. The bush is formed in one stalk that large fruits got more nutrients.

Ways of watering and fertilizing of tomatoes ""Pink elephant""

That fruits were more sugary, experienced gardeners recommend to water tomatoes with salt and ashes. On 10 l of water it is necessary to put 1 cup of wood ashes and 1 tablespoon of salt. Under each bush pour 0.5 l of solution from ashes and salt, then tomatoes turn out even more sweet and fleshy.

Also ""The pink elephant"" loves waterings with addition of manure or grass weight. Components insist in flank, and then add 1 l of organic fertilizer on 10 l of water.

Good and correct care for tomatoes includes also extra root fertilizing of tomatoes ""Pink Elephant"" which promotes fast nutrient absorption and are carried out to time of blossoming of plant. It is necessary for holding procedure:

  • To fill in 1 cup of ashes of 1 l of hot water and to allow to infuse within 2 days.
  • To filter solution and to dilute it with water in proportion 1:10.
  • To spray with liquid tomatoes on leaves. Such system of watering will allow to grow up excellent harvest and to receive tasty and large fruits.

Reviews of gardeners of ""Pink elephant""

Most of the gardener note excellent taste of fruits. At tomatoes of this grade sweet and fleshy pulp without characteristic tomato sourness. From large tomatoes magnificent fresh salads turn out, from them prepare tasty juice and sauces. And here grade ""The pink elephant"" is not suitable for conservation because of the large size, but if to cut tomatoes on several parts, then from fleshy fruits fine preparations in jelly and mix turn out. Tomatoes ""Pink elephant"" in dried look are very tasty. Besides, they are used for thermal treatment in cookery.

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