How to grow up greens in house conditions

How to grow up greens in house conditions

Fresh greens to table can be grown up in house conditions all the year round. On windowsill parsley, fennel, basil, mint, onions, salad and other plants perfectly grow. There are several secrets of successful cultivation of greens.


1. For receiving is fresher than some greens in house conditions choose early ripening grades of undersized plants which have the short term of maturing. As tanks for cultivation use boxes (wooden, plastic), containers, pots, flowerpots, glasses from dairy products, etc. In big capacity it is possible to put several plant species, for example, fennel, celery, parsley.

2. For cultivation of greens make soil of peat, the earth, sawdust, sand in equal proportions. The soil can be got in specialized shop. As drainage on bottom of capacity put haydite or pebbles.

3. Parsley greens in house conditions are received distillation from backs or crops of seeds in soil. The planting stock can be bought in vegetable departments of shops. Choose for landing healthy root crops with top kidneys, without signs of withering, the having average size and weight of 30-60 g.

4. Humidify the soil and land root crops ranks through 2-3 cm. Tops have to be covered with the earth. Put too long backs obliquely or previously cut off.

5. Previously wet parsley seeds for day in water, and then seed on depth of 0.5 cm. Leave capacity with seeds in the dark place before emergence of sprouts. When there are first shoots, thin out parsley. Plants have to be at distance of 4 cm. Optimum temperature for cultivation of parsley in house conditions - 22-24os

6. When watering you watch that the soil was not too damp or dry. In 3 weeks after thinning feed up parsley universal fertilizers. The harvest of the greens which are grown up on windowsill in house conditions is received in 6 weeks. From each plant break only half of leaves that it could be restored.

7. For receiving greens land to the soil of bulb at distance 1 cm from each other. Fill up them with soil layer not less than 1 cm thick. Grow up onions on light, watering it with warm water.

8. Plant seeds of basil without preliminary preparation. After emergence of shoots feed up greens. Water basil daily as he loves moisture. In winter time it surely will need additional lighting. Delete peduncles at their emergence, then the basil will longer live.

9. It is very simple to grow up house fennel. Sow seeds in soil, having slightly covered them with the earth, and water. In 2 weeks there are first shoots, and in month it is possible it is possible to break greens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team